The Pete Flesh Death Trip – Svartnad

The Pete Flesh Death Trip – Svartnad
Critical Mass Recordings
Release Date: 16/05/2016
Running time:
Review by Dawn King

Starting out on my review writing career I never thought I would veer away from the genres of metal that I knew and loved, but when Pete Flesh from The Pete Flesh Deathtrip approached me to review his new album “Svartnad” I thought why not give it a go?

Although Pete Flesh himself, ex-Flesh, Deceiver, Thrown and Maze of Torment, has been on the scene for much longer, his solo project The Pete Flesh Deathtrip was conceived in 2009 and was originally classed as a one man band, releasing first album “Morti Vivos Docent” in 2013.

“Svartnad” is the second album from the Swedish death metal outfit, and, released by Critical Mass Recordings in 2016, it is the first to feature a session drummer, namely Henrik Borg, with Mr Flesh playing both guitar and bass as well as providing vocals.

“Svartnad” is a very atmospheric album, dark and moody with the ability to get under your skin and stuck in your head. Melodies combine with beautiful riffs that are sometimes there just to compliment the lyrics, while at others, they can completely dominate the track.

The first track “In Ruinam Iniquitas” opens the album with pumping riffs, sounding almost thrashy in places, and the record maintains the same pace throughout, ending abruptly with a gunshot.

The album has a typical Scandinavian sound and, although it’s not the genre of metal I would usually listen to, it’s obvious this guy is a very talented musician indeed. There is great songwriting throughout, the guitar solos are fantastic and although the vocals are guttural growls, there are no dirty vocals and the lyrics can easily be understood, always a good thing in my opinion.

The stand out songs for me were “Winter of the Wolves”, which I also played on my radio show a few weeks back, and opening track “In Ruinam Iniquitas”

Even you are not a fan of death metal I recommend you give this album a whirl. I am a thrash girl at heart but I actually really enjoyed it, learning the lesson that you should never judge anything before you have actually listened to it.

This may be the work of just one man, but this is one man with the heart, feeling and talents of an entire band. Ignore him at your peril.

1. In Ruinam Iniquitas
2. Burial Shore
3. All The Serpents
4. The Sun Will Fail
5. Melting The Frost From Your Eyes
6. The Winter Of The Wolves
7. She Dwells Into The Dark
8. Svartnad

Peter “Pete Flesh” Karlsson – Everything


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