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Rock Goddess – It’s More Than Rock And Roll EP
Bite You To Death Records
Running Time: 13:27
Release Date: 19/05/2017
Bite You To Death Records
Review by Beth Jones

Here’s where I make some of you feel old! Rock Goddess where originally formed in 1977, two years before I was born, and had success in the 80’s as part of the NWOBHM movement. Hailing from London, sisters Jodie and Julie Turner, and their friend Tracey Lamb, became a three piece with a good cult following. The band had a decade of success, before life got in the way and they disbanded. They gave it a couple more shots in the 90’s and 2000’s, but it didn’t amount to much, however the fans were desperate for them to all come back together as the original line up, which finally happened in 2013. Since then, fans have been waiting with bated breath for the appearance of their new album.

Well… they haven’t quite got that far yet, but in March 2017 they did give us this 3 track EP! It’s a start!

Now, the press release for this says, ‘If you are nestling down for a comfortable trip into the borough of Nostalgia, South London, then you had better prepare to have that notion scrambled’, however, I couldn’t disagree more. If you are a fan of classic 80’s nostalgic Rock, then this is the EP for you! If music was an outfit, this would have more tassels, leather, and spandex than Alice Cooper’s wardrobe!! It is laden with solid, chunky, headbanging riffs, tonnes of overdrive, and classic Rock vocal harmonies, which makes it straightforward listening – there are no hidden meanings, no interesting little twiddles that you weren’t expecting – just good, salt of the earth, meat and two veg, ROCK! And for me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and to be brutally honest, making it ‘current’ would have totally missed the point and spoiled it in my eyes! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

The EP kicks off with ‘It’s More Than Rock And Roll’. Maybe it is if you look at is symbolically, on a Tuesday, whilst leaning slightly to one side, and eating blue Smarties, but to me it isn’t anything more than Rock & Roll! A catchy repetitive hook draws the song along, with a very distinct Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Middle 8, Solo, Chorus X2 formula which means you can toe-tap and sing along instantly, and it doesn’t outstay its welcome. My biggest criticism of this track is the production – things don’t seem to sit right in it for me – the guitar and vocals are too far back, the bass guitar and snare too far forwards and it’s all a bit muddy. I have listened to it on a couple of different devices and have still drawn the same conclusion. Maybe this is how the band wanted it to sound, maybe I am missing some deep symbolic meaning signifying the struggle through the mud of the music industry, and life, and how sometimes things can’t always be at the forefront of our minds……But for me it just sounds not quite as balanced as I would have liked. I am a simple girl, with simple tastes and this track didn’t entirely wet my appetite.

The second track, ‘Back Off’, is better. Crisper, cleaner sounding, and in general a better song, whilst still just being straightforward. The vocals are more raw (or roarrr!!, whichever way you want to look at it!) but it works – it still has the trademark harmonies, and over-driven guitar riffs, however the solo is more impressive than the first track, and the rhythm changes and use of more dynamics make it a bit more exciting. It is more lyrically substantial than the first track, which makes a big difference. For me, the best of the three tracks by a good margin.

Track three, ‘We’re All Metal’, is back to the classic rock solid anthem. Chunky, down-tuned and dare I say a bit predictable – nothing wrong with that – it does exactly what it says on the tin. The fact it fades out at the end (which you will soon come to learn is one of my biggest bug bears) ​is a disappointment and takes away from what is a pretty good song and leaves you a bit non-plus– it’s just lazy – please for the love of music, work out a way to finish the song!

All in all, this EP is…..OK. It is a bit like your comfy knickers – when you wear them, you know exactly what to expect, and they make you feel secure, but you wouldn’t wear them on a hot date! If you prefer comfy knickers to a crotchless thong, then you will feel safe with this EP! I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, but it didn’t blow me away. However, it is nice to see the ladies back and still kicking it like the good old days!


01. It’s More Than Rock And Roll
02. Back Off
03. We’re All Metal


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