Baleful Creed – Baleful Creed

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Baleful Creed – Baleful Creed
Release Date: 01/09/2013
Running Time 46:40
Review by Rick Tilley

I have been so busy in recent months there are certain reviews I should have done that I still haven’t got around to. “Seismic Shifter”, the excellent second album from Baleful Creed, being one of them so I thought the least I could do was re-publish (courtesy of Brutiful Metal Radio and for the first time on Ever Metal) my review of their self-titled debut which was first put online in 2014.

Rick Tilley 31/05/2018

Before settling down to write this review I was having a conversation about the price, or rip off as I call it, that some bands are charging for gig tickets. Bow your heads in shame Pearl Jam! £145 for a ticket plus £15 for parking. That is taking the piss and I’m not even a fan of the band! Why do I mention that? Well it’s precisely the reason I try to focus on good up and coming bands, firstly because we need to stop stroking the egos of some larger bands and their managers, secondly because we have to find the next generation of bands to carry the torch and thirdly when a band as assured and steeped in proper rock sensibilities, as Baleful Creed are, come along they need to get some much deserved publicity!

Baleful Creed hail from Belfast, Northern Ireland and were founded in 2009. This self titled debut album, released at the tail end of 2013, is actually comprised of remixed and remastered versions of songs from two of their previous EP’s but as I hadn’t heard any of them before that wasn’t an issue. What I can say after spinning this on numerous occasions is that it is an excellent and honest slab of Heavy Rock!

I have seen it mentioned elsewhere but you cannot get away from the Glenn Danzig sounding vocals, although I think Baleful Creed’s vocalist/guitarist ‘Fin’ Finlay is actually the better singer. Danzig aside there are elements of Alice In Chains and a bit of Sabbath contained within combined with a dirty, low slung, southern US intensity. Baleful Creed certainly don’t sound like they come from Belfast!

‘Baleful Creed’ the track opens up the album and from the off you are presented with some great riffs and melodies, it’s bass heavy, which I personally love, and all four members of the band play out of their skins with special mention going to the guitar playing of Finlay and John Allen. Backed up superbly by bassist Stephen Fleming and drummer Mark Stewart, Baleful Creed are a proper band, playing their own instruments, without the need for triggers, tricks or a 72 piece orchestra and choir! This is just how Rock N Roll should be played and if you don’t believe me then check out ‘Autumn Leaves’ or ‘Illuminati’!

Baleful Creed…great songs, great band and proof positive that you don’t need a second mortgage to enjoy rock music!

01. Baleful Creed
02. Autumn Leaves
03. Illuminati
04. Crazy Man
05. Misanthrope
06. Double F.S.
07. Hex
08. Her Promise
09. Thorazine
10. Suffer In Silence


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Reproduced with the kind permission of Brutiful Metal Radio

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