Magoth – Zeitgeist : Dystopia

Zeitgeist - Dystopia Cover

Magoth – Zeitgeist : Dystopia
shagnART Music
Running Time: 61:01
Release Date: 09/11/2018
Review by Mark Pritchard

Roughly two weeks ago to the day I was surprisingly approached by the head of promotion for the company MetalMessage where METAL is the message and the message is LOUD! about the possibility of reviewing one of the bands under the promotion and the band that I decided on the opportunity of reviewing is the Black Metal band ‘Magoth’ who are based in Germany and the album I am reviewing is called ‘Zeitgeist : Dystopia’, in all honesty as bad as it sounds I actually have never heard of these guys and so when I was given this opportunity to review them I was entering the complete unknown, like visiting a new city for the first time and not knowing what to expect but at the same time I was excited to experience a new band which is why I agreed to review ‘Magoth’.
Before anything else I will say that this album is amazing to listen to, from start to finish this album is in your face, in my mind these guys are the literal meaning of intense, I have listened to a lot of albums that are intense but the intensity of these guys and this album brings it to a whole new level for me, this album is unrelenting throughout and after each song it doesn’t give you the chance to prepare for the next song and these songs aren’t just ‘oh yeah it’s a good headbanger’ this album makes you headbang, the first time I listened through the album I had no idea that I was headbanging so when I got a headache I was questioning why but since that first time the headaches are worth it because this album can’t be listened to without headbanging.
I will say that after each song with how intense these guys play I am amazed how they still have their arms intact because I don’t think any bands I have listened to have been as top notch and intense at playing than these but within the intensity you hear the screaming vocals which sound as if the Vocalist Heergott is right next to you and screaming it right down your ear, I enjoy listening to this album a lot and in this album of in your face songs there are a few that stand out to me but the one song that stands out the most and is my favourite from of the album is ‘The Fates Of Resurrection’, in previous reviews I have told how I like a little bit of a slow start to songs and this song gives me that for just a moment and then comes out at you non-stop, this song shows me that not only can they go all out but also at moments slow down even just for a little bit.
This album tells me that these guys didn’t just put the work in but that they went above and beyond it which makes me absolutely appreciate what they have done with this album, the guys in this band from left to right of the band picture are Shagnar on Lead Guitar, Heergott on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Widrir on drums and Havoc on Bass Guitar. Now it comes to my rating(s), I will be straight up and say that my rating for the album as a whole is going to be a respectable 8 out of 10 but separate to that my rating for the stand out song ‘The Fates Of Resurrection’ is 10 out of 10, I would suggest to anyone who loves black metal and metal altogether to hit these guys up, this is an amazing album and you won’t regret the chance of listening to this awesome group of guys. Below will be a few links for the band.
01. Rise
02. Once Ylem Began
03. Sinister Forces Arose
04. Above The Sacred Lands
05. Zenith
06. Beneath All Venom And Void
07. The Fates Of Resurrection
08. Summoning The Apocalypse
09. Decay
10. When Tyrants Shall Fall
11. Solidified Ashes Awake
12. The Nemesis Of A Blaze
13. Infinity
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