Gypsy’s Kiss – Heat Crazed Vole And Other Tails EP

Heat Crazed Vole And Other Tails EP Cover

Gypsy’s Kiss – Heat Crazed Vole And Other Tails EP
Release Date: 25/10/2019
Running Time: 27:17
Review by Chris Galea

Formed by David Smith and Steve Harris in East London way back in 1974, the band returned to the fore after an absence of over 40 years. Despite the band’s distant origins the last few months have been a time of ‘firsts’ ….first single, first video, first lyric-video, first album (soon)…and, sure enough, here we have Gypsy’s Kiss’ first EP.
Rather than go for contemporary sonorities Gypsy’s Kiss have opted for a sound that harks back to Rock’s nascent years. Think of bands such as Thin Lizzy, early Uriah Heep or early Alice Cooper. All songs in this EP were written by Smith in the 1970s except ‘Settle The Score’ a brand new song with wistful melodies that reminded me of Patti Smith.
Essentially this EP assembles a handful of well-written Rock songs. They sound a bit brash and unrefined but possess some of that candour Smith and Harris must have had all those years ago.
Name-dropping aside, “Heat Crazed Vole And Other Tails” is an auspicious start to Gypsy’s Kiss’ venture into the limelight.
1. Heat Crazed Vole
2. Endless Pit
3. Gypsy’s Kiss (What Went Wrong)
4. Settle The Score
5. Heat Crazed Vole (live)
David Smith – lead vocals, guitars, bass
Jonathan Morley – guitars
Fraser Marr – guitars
Ross Hunter – keyboards, backing vocals
Robin Gatcum – bass
Stuart Emms – drums

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