Chaosaint – In The Name Of

Chaosaint – In The Name Of
Release Date 19/06/2020
Running Time: 22:19
Review by Tsarina Wilson

On a quiet Monday morning I decided to review Chaosaint’s new EP “In The Name Of”. It wasn’t quiet for long; I can say that much! These guys, who hail from Newcastle, Australia, seemingly don’t understand the meaning of it! This four-piece initially formed while still at school, in 2001. They were originally known as Exhale, and toured around their home region and Sydney, including a support spot for power metal band “Dungeon” at an all-ages show in Penrith, in December 2001. Sadly, with band members relocating at the end of 2002, it seemed like the end of the band. Fast forward to late 2015, and guitarist Jon Cribb approached other members of the band to propose they started writing new material. And thus, the newly formed “Chaosaint” started their return to making music.

Like a lot of guys their age, they grew up listening to epic bands like Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Ozzy, and you can see where they get their energy from, that is so prominent in their music. Like I said, this is not quiet! Straight away, you’ll see what I mean, with opener, ‘Knives Are Drawn’. It was ‘bosh’ – straight in! They are loud and raw (in a good way), and have a passion in their music which speak volumes. The energy in the guitar riffs is like being on a metal theme park ride, Shay’s voice is so powerful and rich, and Steve’s deep, gruff backing vocals make for a great combination.

Track 3, ‘Darkness Following’, has a brilliant guitar opening and sweeeeeeeeet drumming! Of this track the band say, “It’s a song about no matter how hard you try, your hardest and darkest emotions are always with you, you can run away, but your problems stay with you until you confront them or alternately carry them with you for the rest of your life”. So true!

‘In The Name Of’ almost has an ‘Enter Sandman’ hint at the start, which is always good! Again, Shay’s voice is strong and powerful and blends brilliantly with Steve’s backing vocals. If you were to listen to these vocals separately you would never think they would blend together! Its like having the devil on one side of you and an angel on the other, and an almighty battle in the middle! There are no losers but we, as listeners, definitely win! Such an amazing track.

This may be just an EP, but the guys certainly give you their all in the final track. With hard hitting vocal, head splitting drumming and passionate guitar riffs, what they lose on number of tracks, they make up for in passion, energy, power and the intensity of their music. It will blow your speakers!

Passion is the buzz word here. It comes through in waves and by the bucket load and this is just their first EP! Due to not being able to get out and about because of COVID-19 they’re already working on material for a full-length album to be released in 2021, and also intend to release more material from some initial lost recording sessions later this year. I can’t wait!

01. Knives Are Drawn
02. Both Eyes Open
03. Darkness Following
04. In the Name Of
05. Blackened Days

Shay Burgess – Vocals/Guitars
Jon Cribb – Rhythm Guitar
Chris Neilson – Drums
Steve Baker – Bass/Backing Vocals


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