Bring To Bear – Light And Shadow EP

Light And Shadow EP Cover Art

Bring To Bear – Light And Shadow EP
Release Date: 08/10/2021
Running Time: 11:58
Review by Beth Jones

Good evening my fellow humans, how the hell are you? I hope this review finds you well, in good spirits, and in the mood for some more METALLLLLL! If the answer is yes, and you happen to like a bit of Symphonic Folk Metal, then you’re in the right place, as tonight’s review subject are a fledgling band, in that genre, from right here in the UK. When I say fledgling, I mean that they are very, very new. Having formed with, nearly their full line-up in January this year, only adding final member, bassist Richard Knight in July and this is their debut release. And, in fairness, it’s a pretty accomplished three track EP.

Opening with ‘The Shadow Ruse’, we’re launched straight away into a tempestuous Viking jaunt. Powerful rhythms and rumbling bass lines are topped by pacey guitar riffs, synth strings, and interspersed with clean and growl vocals, which cement the idea of the contrast and relationship between light and dark. It’s got a really catchy hook to it as well. A good opening track, although I think there is more to give. It’s a little tentative. But it is the debut song on the debut release from a band who’ve only been working together for 10 months, so I’ll let them off.

“What better way is there to infinitely improve a Queens Of The Stone Age track than to Accordion Metal it up?” is a question I ‘ve often asked, but until now have never had answered. As if by some telepathic masterstroke, that is exactly what Bring To Bear have done with ‘No One Knows’. Now, I’m not usually a fan of cover versions, but this one’s flipping mega! Again, thunderous, symphonic, and pacey, but with added accordion! They have completely made it their own.

…But, my favourite track by far, is the final one, ‘From The Abyss’. The other two are good, but this steps it up a level. It’s fuller and more powerful than its predecessors, and full of great riffing, and tribal battle cries. Bring on the war, release the ships, and drive forward to command and conquer! This is proper meaty, folky, symphonicy stuff. More of this please!

Aside from the actual sound, this is a well-constructed brief introduction to a band who I think could make a big name for themselves. It’s recorded, mixed, and produced well, and makes you sit up and listen. I look forward to more of this from Bring To Bear in the future!

01. The Shadow Ruse
02. No One Knows (Queens Of The Stone Age Cover)
03. From the Abyss

Izabela Smyt – Lead Vocals
Ian Tarboton – Accordion, Keyboard & Growls
Hristo Nikolov – Guitar
Nikiforos Rotas – Guitar
Richard Knight – Bass
Simon Jones – Drums


Bring To Bear Promo Pic Photo by Nikiforos Rotas
Photo by Nikiforos Rotas

BRING TO BEAR ‘No One Knows’ Exclusive Video Premier:

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