Bonded – Into Blackness 

Into Blackness Album Cover Art

Bonded – Into Blackness 
Century Media Records 
Release Date: 12/11/2021 
Running Time: 53:54 
Review by Victor Augusto 

How do I choose albums for review? What an intriguing question. Well, most of the time I pick an album by the genre I like to hear or that I understand enough to talk about. Most of them are Thrash and Death Metal bands. Sometimes, I try to change for something more to Grindcore or Classic Metal. This time, I asked for Bonded because I thought “A Thrash Metal band with Bonded as their name must be influenced by Exodus”. I am pretty sure that nobody cares about how I select the bands for review, but it was an interesting shot in the dark.  

Luckily, I found myself presented with an awesome band, but are they inspired by Exodus as I was expecting? Maybe yes. Is it their main influence? Maybe not. I confess that I still can’t decide even after hearing the album many times. My conclusion is that it is impossible to create a killer Thrash Metal album, full of insane riffs and fast and furious solos, without being associated to Exodus. So, this is my answer. Am I being confusing? Welcome to my strange way of thinking! After a few weeks listening to the album, I discovered the band were part of Sodom and it was a great surprise for me. By the way, thanks to DJ Jeanne E Thomas of Gimme Metal radio. Without her interview with Bonded, I would never know about this detail. 

But what really matters in their music is how they put many elements into a blender to give a special taste to their Thrash. It has A bit of Motorhead, also a bit of Classic Metal in a few melodies. And the Thrash elements carry a bit of German Thrash (Is Teutonic Thrash Metal that you call?) as well. 

Everything I mentioned is well diluted and mixed, but I still think the band is more Exodus oriented, musically. ‘Into The Blackness Of A Wartime Night’ highlights the melodies I’ve mentioned and the cadenced ‘Destroy The Things I Love’ does the same for the Motorhead influences. 

Lyrically, the album has a concept taken from the book “The Division Of The Damned”, by Richard Rhys Jones. And the song with (almost) the same name, ‘Division Of The Damned’, has a show of riffs from Bernemann and Chris Tsitsis. There is some killer drum work from Markus Freiwald too, and he shows amazing versatility with changing tempos, and alternating between cadenced and brutal parts. Marc Hauschild had the hard work of not sounding hidden by all the heaviness, and Ingo Bajonczak does a great job on his vocal interpretation. It is impossible to not be reminded of Lemmy Kilmister’s voice on Ingo’s work. 

No matter what I thought about them. Even if everything I said about influences are wrong, there is one thing I am sure I am right about. If You love Thrash Metal which is brutal, but also brings good technique, you will love this album. It is a master class of furious solos, great riffs, well balanced melodies, and a music which totally brings excitement and energy for the listeners.

Watch (While The World Burns) – Official Video

01. The Arsonist  
02. Watch (While the World Burns)  
03. Lilith (Queen of Blood) 
04. The Holy Whore 
05. Division of the Damned 
06. Into the Blackness of a Wartime Night  
07. Destroy the Things I Love  
08. Final Stand  
09. Ill-Minded Freak  
10. Way of the Knife  
11. The Eyes of Madness  
12. Humanity on Sale (Bonus) 
13. Will to Survive (Bonus) 

Marc Hauschild – Bass 
Chris Tsitsis – Guitars 
Ingo Bajonczak – Vocals 
Markus Freiwald – Drums 
Bernemann – Guitars 


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