Khroma – Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo Album Cover Art

Khroma – Ex Nihilo
Inverse Records
Release Date: 10/09/2021
Running Time: 35:35
Review by Wallace Magri

Helsinki, Finland based  band Khroma deliver an interesting mix of Djent/Nu Metal songs invaded by Electro elements on “Ex Nihilo”, their third album. 

Every time that I review an album from a Metal genre that doesn’t match exactly with my musical taste, I try to form my impression of the songs by searching for what may be interesting and worth listening to, instead of just complaining about certain stylistic standards that bother me, here and there.

And what is heard on “Ex Nihilo” are songs based on a good sense of composition and arrangements, that sustain everything harmoniously as a whole, sometimes highlighting the Djent Metal aspect of Khroma’s music, on such songs as ‘Tread Light’ – but with a little bit of Pendulum-like Electro-Techno interventions – which are aligned to the New Metal/Rap vocal lines.

Sometimes, like on ‘Tidal’ for example, the Electro touches are emphasised, sounding like a retro-wave 80’s revival, invaded by Djent Metal riffs and the above-mentioned Nu Metal singing styles, like Limp Bizkit used to do.

Speaking of Nu Metal and Limp Bizkit, ‘Drop That Treble’, and ‘Waste All Reason’, among others, would fit just fine for fans of those kinds of bands, if, somehow, those bands were dipped on a greyer pallet of electronic layers.

That’s pretty much what is heard on “Ex Nihilo”: Nu Metal strengthened with Djent riffs and some electronic features. Is it my favourite Metal style? No. It’s not a style that connects me to music, but saying that, it is definitely worth a listen, if that is your kind of thing. 

01. Slaves
02. Dead Arrive (Run Tell Them)
03. Tread Light
04. Tidal
05. Drop That Treble
06. Kill the Friction
07. Waste All Reason
08. The Overthrow
09. Trace Amounts

Riku Rinta-Seppälä – vocals, electronics
Mikko Merilinna – guitars, keyboards
Maarik Leppä – bass
Antti Honka – drums


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