Emerald Sun – Kingdom of Gods

Kingdom Of Gods Album Cover Art

Emerald Sun – Kingdom of Gods
El Puerto Records
Release Date: 28/01/22
Running Time: 45:08
Review by Simon Black

You know, there are times when Power Metal’s propensity for endless conceptual mythological story arcs is a bit wearing, but somehow when it’s being done by Hellenic bands like Emerald Sun, it has an energy, charm, freshness and enthusiasm that’s often lacking from some of their more Northern European peers. This is album number six for the guys from Thessaloniki and it’s still got the energy and freshness of a new band, perhaps in part due to the arrival on the drum stool of new boy Nick Kaklanis and the return of Teo Savage and indeed a second guitar to their sound.

The sound mix and production is perhaps not what you would expect from an act with two decades of recording experience under their belt, but Greece is a country that doesn’t have many native producers, engineers or studios who understand Metal as it is, never mind when you take into account the challenges of getting to parts of the world, or indeed country, that actually do during a global pandemic. But don’t let the tinny sound and mix put you off, because the material on here and the energy with which it is delivered more than makes up for this. The title track is a brilliant example of this, and it’s screaming out for an audience with drinking horns raised.

Stylistically this feels quite like early 90’s Power Metal, which to be honest is partly helped by the trebly mix but also with the earnest energy throughout. This is all bold, chest thumping stuff and it works precisely because it’s not doing anything to challenge the listener too hard. It’s chock full of the stirring anthemic melody lines that could get a crowd singing along even if they don’t know the material, and although not the most technically blistering display of musicianship in the genre, it’s built on good solid songs and the interplay between the guys is tangible, really and fun. 

Emerald Sun have had a tough time of it in recent years and seem to have struggled to keep their credentials up, which is a shame, as they are one of the longest Greek Power Metal acts standing, and a key part of that country’s Metal heritage. The new and renewed line up though seems to have breathed some life into the brand, and this album feels like a return to form, albeit if in need of a little polish in the Production department. Is it original? No. Is it honest and enjoyable? Yes it is, and really that’s all that matters.

‘Hellbound’ Official Viceo

01. Book Of Genesis
02. Heroes On The Rise
03. Hellbound
04. Legions Of Doom
05. Gaia (The End Of Innocence)
06. Kingdom Of Gods
07. Raise Hell
08. The Hunter
09. We Will Die On Our Feet
10. Where Warriors Belong

Stelios ’Theo Tsakiridis – Vocals
Fotis Toumanidis – Bass
Teo Savage – Guitars
Pavlos Georgiadis – Guitars
Nick Kaklanis – Drums


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