Mantic Ritual – Crusader EP

Crusader EP Cover Art

Mantic RitualCrusader EP
M-Theory Audio
Release Date: 28/01/22
Running Time: 06:41
Review by Paul Hutchings

Not so much an EP as an old school single is the order of the day for this two-track song from Mantic Ritual, a four-piece Heavy Metal Thrash outfit whose origins can be traced back to Pittsburgh but who operate from California – with their only full-length record released in 2009, called ‘Executioner’. Although the band has undergone several changes in personnel in the intervening time, they haven’t been idle with members of the band working with the likes of Warbringer in the interim. Now the band are kicking up a storm with a new two-track EP that shows some gnarly promise of good things to come. 

Ignoring the cover of Mercyful Fate’s classic ‘Black Funeral’ for a minute, it’s more important to zoom in on the title track which features chainsaw riffing and is tinged in a more traditional heavy metal feel. It’s a pleasing enough track, with traces of Thrash alongside an early 1980’s Iron Maiden vibe, the dual guitars working well together. Plenty of passion and vocalist / guitarist Dan Wetmore giving the vocals an earthy and committed feel. 

The cover of ‘Black Funeral’ is a different matter altogether. Adapting fewer high-pitched vocals than the King, the song is faithful to the original and well played. In fact, it’s exceptionally well delivered to the extent that you wonder why Mantic Ritual decided to choose this song. Whatever the reason, they do ‘Black Funeral’ justice and despite this EP only being two songs, there is enough here to ensure that further releases will be on the radar. 

01. Crusader
02. Back Funeral

Dan Wetmore –  Vocals / Guitars
Jeff Potts – Guitars
Ben Mottsman – Bass
Carlos Cruz – Drums


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