The Silent Wedding – Ego Path

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The Silent Wedding – Ego Path
Release Date: 11/02/2022
Running Time:52:13
Review by Chris Galea

I discovered The Silent Wedding when the band accompanied Threshold in London. Back then, the band had just released their “Enigma Eternal” album. I don’t remember what I wrote when I reviewed that show, but I definitely recall being pleasantly surprised by the music of this Greek band.

Fast forward 4 years to the present and The Silent Wedding have just unveiled album number 3: “Ego Path”. If I had to compare this music with the output of other bands, Kamelot, Labyrinth and Blind Guardian would spring to mind. In other words the songs on “Ego Path” sound epic with ubiquitous keyboards. So far so good. 

To my ears the songs sometimes cry out for more creativity and sharper musicianship. Dream Theater are certainly not going to lose any sleep over this band. 

But “Ego Path” still manages to be enjoyable. A lot of that is due to the singing of Marios Karanastasis, who is gifted with a very powerful, and yet emotional voice – the melancholic ‘The Final Token’ is the perfect showcase of that. Other key points in the album are (hot on the trails of an instrumental intro), ‘Time Of Darkness’; a well-written song with catchy melodies, and ‘A Path To Nowhere’, which concludes “Ego Path”. This is also an instrumental, thereby giving the album a sense of structure. The composition contains some suggestive acoustic guitar arpeggios while keyboards hover around with ethereal sounds.

So despite being one notch short of greatness, “Ego Path” is a very good album that ought to put The Silent Wedding into the regular vocabulary of your average Power Prog Metal fan.

‘Caught In The Web’ Official Video:

01. The Eternal Enigma
02. Time of Darkness
03. The Sea of Fate
04. Caught in the Web
05. Reveal the Rain
06. Sinners in Disguise
07. Stealing the Sun
08. Point of No Return
09. The Final Token
10. Ethereal Walls
11. Song of the Dead
12. A Path to Nowhere

Marios Karanastasis – vocals
Jim Katsaros – guitars & Samples
Johnny Thermos – keyboards & backing vocals
George Kritharis – bass
Renos Lialioutis – drums & percussion


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