Video Interview With Venomous

Video Interview With Venomous
By Victor Augusto

In February of 2021, I was lucky enough to discover another brilliant Brazilian band to review. More than just loving their music on a first listen, I was astonished just how many details the EP “Tribus” offered, despite only having just four tracks on it. The lyrical subjects, the cover art and the music were so rich that I spent way more time than usual to analyse and try to describe them. 

Today, more than a year after that, I am glad that I had the chance to talk with vocalist Thiago Pereira and the Guitarist Ivan Landgraf to understand more about what they put into Venomous’s music. 

Tribus EP Cover

I hope you enjoy this Brazilian Melodic Death Metal band as much as I’ve enjoyed discovering them.

Video interview with Venomous

Video edit by Victor Augusto
Live video of ‘Eerie Land’ and ‘Unity’ recorded by Venomous.
Images of the band taken by the Venomous official video of ‘Eerie Land’ and ‘Unity’.
Background music: Venomous – ‘Eerie Land’, Venomous – ‘Unity’ and Venomous – ‘Duality’


Venomous Promo Pic

Tribus EP review

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