Las Cruces – Cosmic Tears

Las Cruces – Cosmic Tears
Ripple Music
Release Date: 03/06/2022
Running Time: 59:51

Review by Chris Galea

You know that feeling when you’re in a bustling crowd and yet you hear someone mention your name? Or when you’re passing through a food market and a particularly enticing odour gets you salivating and reels you in towards it? “Cosmic Tears”, the latest album from Las Cruces, sort of works in a similar way… It’s easy for the album to slip by unnoticed, but when you do pick it up you’ll forget everything else.

The D.N.A. of “Cosmic Tears” seems to come from Black Sabbath’s “Master Of Reality” and is as old-school as old-school Doom can get. From that the album morphs into quite a powerful beast. The music ranges from the psychedelic and plodding to the crushingly heavy, but is always played with passion.

As tracks such as ‘Wizard from the North’ or ‘Holy Hell’ indicate, there are monumentally heavy riffs all over the place. Another major selling-point is Mark Zamarron’s voice – powerful and intense… I dare say one of the best in this music niche. 

Even my least favourite tracks are actually still good songs. Sometimes the guitars meander a little bit but that quickly becomes water under the bridge.

Paul DeLeon, Las Cruces’ drummer, passed away a year ago, after having recorded this album. In fact, according to the band, the whole “Cosmic Tears” is being released as a tribute to Paul.

Las Cruces have been releasing, on average, one album every 12 years but when they do release an album they seem to make it well worth the wait. Case in point is “Cosmic Tears”.

‘Cosmic Tears’ Lyric Video:

01. Altar of the Seven Sorrows (instrumental)
02. Cosmic Tears
03. Stay
04. Wizard from the North
05. Reverend Trask
06. Egypt
07. Holy Hell
08. Terminal Drift (instrumental)
09. Relentless
10. The Wraith

Jason Kane – vocals
George Trevino – guitars
Mando Tovar – guitars
Jimmy Bell – bass
Paul DeLeon – drums


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