Made of Teeth – Sociopathogen

Sociopathogen Album Cover Art

Made of Teeth – Sociopathogen
APF Records
Release Date: 24/06/22
Running Time: 30:00
Review by Paul Hutchings

Holy shit!  THE album to strip wallpaper has arrived. Literally. Welsh trio Made of Teeth roll back into town to take all the spoils with this filthy combination of Hardcore and Metal all rolled up in one nasty, noisy cacophony that crushes from start to finish. 

For those unaware, Made of Teeth comprise members or ex- members of Lacertilia, Spider Kitten and Taint. Formed in 2017, which seems aeons ago, the band provide a formidable force both live and in the studio.

“Scoiopathogen” sees Made of Teeth in imperious form. There are riffs for days. And days. It’s heaviness on a par with a herd of elephants. The compositions are gnarly, ugly, and totally compelling. The driving power is relentless, a crushing feeling that is overwhelming to the point where resistance is ultimately futile. 

Whether it is the punishing sludge of opening track ‘Four’ or the suffocating feel of ‘Never Heard of Them,’ this is an album that simply bristles with energy and ferocity. The songs are short, fast, and furious, and all guaranteed to get the head nodding along in time with the aural onslaught that Made of Teeth unleash.

There are Sludgy passages, Hardcore elements and even some dirty Grind in the shape of ‘What’s the Time’. Basically, this is an album that transcends genres. The Mastodon-esque assault on ‘Four’ is the start of thirty minutes of high tempo, bludgeoning Metal.  You can’t help but nod along to ‘Strutter Bubble’ which gallops at speed, thick riffs and shouting vocals adding to the overall messages contained within their music. 

“Sociopathogen” is unrelenting in its savagery and technical know how. There is the crushing slowness of ‘Low on Water’ with its sudden increase into a Punk-fused vibe and the horror driven ‘J.T.W’ which is musical brutality. The vocals range, all guttural, snarly and angry, whilst the guitar work is probably one of my favourite parts of the album. 

By the time you get to the finale of ‘Pearly Whites’ there can be no denying what you’ve experienced. Hard, fast and with an edge that Is both reliable and yet completely unpredictable. It’s a musical oxymoron but one that reaps the benefits.  If you worship at the Lord of the Riff, then Made of Teeth’s new release should be one for you to check out.

‘What’s The Time’ Official Video

01. Four
02. Three4a1er
03. Stutter Bubble
04. Low on Water
05. J.T.W.
06. Small Operation
07. Pick a Pocket
08. Shotgun Steve
09. Never Heard of Them
10. What’s the Time
11. Pearly Whites

Steve-O Jones – Drums And Vocals
Tom Cole – Bass And Vocals
Chris West – Guitar And Vocals


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