Saor – Origins

Origins Album Cover Art

Saor – Origins
Season Of Mist
Release Date: 24/06/2022
Running Time: 41:18
Review by Chris Galea 

It was abundantly clear, when I had reviewed Saor’s debut album back in 2013, that this was not your average run-of-the-mill one-man-band.  Andy Marshall, the driving force behind Saor, is one extremely talented chap who doesn’t seem shackled with any genre expectations. So while it’s awkward to pigeon-hole the music of Saor (actually a major selling point for me), there certainly are clear elements from Black Metal, Folk Metal and Death Metal.

With “Origins”, Mr.Marshall has truly outdone himself. The album’s songwriting is impeccable and the atmosphere is bewitching. There are a lot of folksy elements, such as the guitar melodies in the title-track or chants and the bagpipe sounds in ‘Fallen’, but those elements never steal the limelight. Indeed everything is always done with the compositional aspect of the song as the ultimate beneficiary. And it’s not just the atmosphere that intrigues: the riffs, for example, are both catchy and aggressive. Production-wise, “Origins” is very well balanced too and it’s hard to find fault with anything about this release. 

“Origins” is over in a jiffy and In fact, my only gripe is the album’s brevity. We need more of this great music!

‘Origins’ Official Music Video

01. Call Of The Carnyx
02. Fallen
03. The Ancient Ones
04. Aurora
05. Beyond The Wall
06. Origins

Andy Marshall – songwriter, vocals & all instruments
Dylan Watson – session drums
Sophie Marshall – female backing vocals


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