Master – On the Seventh Day God Created … Master / The Human Machine / The New Elite

Master – On the Seventh Day God Created … Master / The Human Machine / The New Elite
Hammerhart Records
Release Date:
The Human Machine/ The New Elite: 05/08/22
On The Seventh Day God Created… Master: 26/08/22
Running Time: 36:00 / 47:00 / 45:00
Review by Paul Hutchings

Quite why Hammerhart Records have chosen to reissue the second, ninth and tenth albums of Death Metal legends Master is not immediately apparent. However, it’s not an opportunity to swerve, for the US and Czech combination are surely one of the most underrated bands of the whole Death Metal genre. 

Master’s roots go back to Chicago in 1983 and the band Death Strike. Band founder and constant Paul Speckman changed the name to Master two years later and after some label issues, the eponymous debut was released in 1990. 

The first in this three-album collection is their sophomore release, “On the Seventh Day God Created … Master”. Released in 1992, alongside peers including Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Deicide, Vader, Asphyx, Bolt Thrower and Carcass. Listening to “On the Seventh Day God Created … Master” one cannot help but think that in the midst of the Death Metal maelstrom, they were somewhat overlooked, for this is an album of savage brutality but also no little crafted quality. Produced by the legendary Scott Burns at Morrissound Studios, it’s a relentless barrage of sublime Death Metal. On the first listen, “On the Seventh Day God Created … Master” presents as a little raw and ragged. Dive deeper though and one can slowly distinguish the roots of the band and the direction in which they were heading. The album features a certain Paul Masvidal, founder and stalwart of Cynic and his playing here is at times breath-taking, with the lead breaks phenomenal. Speckman’s now trademark throated roar stands apart from many of those at the time, and the band drive forward with a primal desire. 

Move forward almost two decades and we arrive at album number nine in the discography. Speckman is joined by guitarist Alex Nejezchleba (2003 – current) and drummer Zdenėk Pradlovsky who would remain with the band until 2019. There’s a much more modern sound to “The Human Machine”, which is unsurprising given it was released in 2010. It still retains the typical Master sound though and tracks including the title song, the punishing ‘True Colors’ and ‘Faceless Victims Expelled’. The pace is unrelenting, the technicality intense and overall, it is another fine addition to the catalogue.

The third release is the band’s tenth album “The New Elite”. Described as a “vile slab of musical vermin”, it’s as punishing as the other albums in this package. In fact, Speckman’s roar is if anything rougher, reminding one of Possessed’s Jeff Becerra or Massacre’s Kam Lee. Speckman continues to rage against injustice, social elements and the like, whilst the band is tighter than ever with some astonishingly impressive and brutally aggressive songs. At times favouring the crushing grind of heavy riffs in place of the flat-out bulldozer approach, this album demonstrated that Master was definitely intent on maintaining their direction through a combination of dogged determination and pulverising Death Metal. 

Still ploughing their Death Metal furrow today, these albums are fantastic for older fans as well as those new to the Death Metal scene. Master’s contribution cannot be overlooked. 

“On the Seventh Day God Created … Master“
01. What Kind of God 
02. Latitudinarian 
03. Heathen 
04. Used 
05. Demon 
06. Constant Quarrel 
07. Judgement of Will 
08. America the Pitiful 
09. Whose Left to Decide 
10. Submerged in Sin

“The Human Machine”
01. The Human Machine
02. It’s What your Country Can Do for You
03. Twisted Truth
04. True Color
05. Suppress Free Thinking
06. A Replica of Invention
07. Faceless Victims Expelled
08. Worship the Sun
09. The Lack of Space
10. Impale to Kill

“The New Elite”
01. The New Elite 
02. Rise up and Fight
03. Remove the Knife 
04. Smile as you’re Told 
05. Redirect the Evil 
06. Out of Control 
07. As Two Worlds Collide 
08. New Reforms 
09. Guide Yourself 
10. Souls to Dissuade 
11. Twist of Fat


“On the Seventh Day God Created … Master“
Paul Speckman – Bass & Vocals
Aaron Nicheas – Drums
Paul Masvidal – Guitar

“The Human Machine” / “The New Elite”
Paul Speckman – Bass & Vocals
Alex Nejezchleba – Guitar
Zdenėk Pradlovsky- Drums


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