Thundermother – Black And Gold

Black And Gold Album Cover Art

Thundermother – Black And Gold
AFM Records
Release Date: 19/08/22
Running Time: 42:49
Review by Simon Black

Thundermother somewhat impressed me last year when I reviewed their re-issued expanded edition of their “Heatwave” from 2020. So I grabbed this one with open arms, because shit-hot Hard Rock bands of this calibre are a rarity in a crowded market full of copycats. It’s impressive not least for the fact that they had to practically start again from the ground up after some crippling line-up changes since their debut, but this incarnation of the band have a lot going for them. 

As with last time out, the music is back to basics anthemic Hard Rock, with roots back to the early 80’s, but a Modern and hugely up to date feel to them. With a lovely fat guitar sound and a huge dose of crunch-bang-wallop that evokes AC/DC on a good day (in sound that is, although to be fair you get stylistic nods as well from time to time – the title track being the most obvious occasion but ‘I Don’t Know’ probably owes Angus royalties too) this album belts you where it hurts right from the get-go.

With nothing coming in over four and a half minutes, these ladies deliver a dozen tight, well-structured and highly anthemic belters that really belong on bigger stages before long, which considering their reputation live can not be too far away. Five albums and a painful reboot later, and this does not sound like a band with any shortage of fire, energy or potential. Obviously, in any commercially pitched outfit aimed at the more Melodic end of the market, there’s a few slower numbers in there, but these too work seamlessly, as Guernica Mancini’s vocals are little short of spectacular. Soulful, powerful and with a lustrous emotional edge that Steven Tyler would tip the nod to. She must be one of the strongest players in this scene today.

This incarnation of the Swedish four piece is an absolute powerhouse though, and these four ladies are destined for much, much more if they can keep this up. Gutsy, beautifully written, lavishly produced and heart-pumpingly delivered, this one is clearly going to get a lot more play time from me…

‘Watch Out’ Official Music Video

01. The Light In The Sky  
02. Black And Gold 
03. Raise Your Hands  
04. Hot Mess  
05. Wasted 
06. Watch Out 
07. I Don’t Know You 
08. All Looks No Hooks  
09. Loud And Free 
10. Try With Love 
11. Stratosphere 
12. Borrowed Time

Filippa Nässil – Guitar
Guernica Mancini – Vocals
Emlee Johansson – Drums
Mona “Demona” Lindgren – Bass


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