Trial – Feed the Fire

Feed the Fire Album Cover Art

Trial – Feed the Fire
Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 02/09/22
Running Time: 46:00 
Review by Paul Hutchings

I was less than enamoured by Trial’s 2017 album “Motherless.” Linus Johansson’s vocals were the main sticking point. Nails down the blackboard was my comment in a review on another site. Well, the Swedes are back for their latest album which incorporates all the usual elements – twin guitar work, galloping rhythms that sees them move towards a more Power Metal avenue, and a new vocalist in Arthur W. Andersson. 

The result is a vastly improved slab of Metal that switches between traditional styles and Modern Power Metal. The songs are much more up-tempo than the previous release, with an urgency that may not have been apparent before. 

A traditional style intro leads to the first full song, ‘Sulphery’, a four-and-a-half-minute gallop which sets out the style for the entire album. Trial don’t mess around; they get their heads down and blast out the riffs. Underpinning it all is a melodic feel which provides a distinctive sound, enhanced by a decent production. Recorded at Welfare Sounds in Gothenburg, with Per Stålberg, Kalle Lilja and Olle Björk as engineers and producers, the sound allows the music to be expressive, lively, and interesting. 

Over forty-six minutes, Trial bring solid Heavy Metal alive with some classic flourishes. A guest appearance by At the Gates Tomas Lindberg, thanks to his friendship with Stålberg brings a different vibe to the central pillar of the album, ‘Snare of the Fowler,’ which flips between Thrash and Speed Metal, Andersson giving a stellar delivery as well. 

“Feed the Fire” is a thoroughly enjoyable album. Tracks are varied but retain a standard blueprint which works well. The grand finale, ‘The Crystal Sea’ towers above all other songs. A nine-minute plus epic, it brings a level of grandiosity to the album and whilst ambitious, it works well alongside the other tracks. 

It’s ten years since Trial released their debut album. “Feed the Fire” might just be the album to move them up the table and challenging for honours. It’s certainly worthy of a listen if you like your Metal with heavy riffs, clean, soaring vocals and a decent level of crafting on each song.

‘Sulphery’ Official Video

01. Tria Prima
02. Sulphery
03. Thrice Great Path
04. In The Highest
05. Snare Of The Fowler
06. Feed The Fire
07. The Faustus Hood
08. Quadrivium
09. The Crystal Sea
Arthur W. Andersson – Vocals
Alexander Ellström – Guitars
Andreas Johnsson – Guitars
Andréas Olsson – Bass
Martin Svensson – Drums


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