Anti-Clone – Human EP

Human EP Cover Art

Anti-Clone – Human EP
Release Date: 16/09/22
Running Time: 17:22
Review by Dark Juan

Good afternoon – I am still pet sitting and suffering from concussion, yet I continue to bring you Very Good Things from my bed of pain and suffering as Mrs Dark Juan creates some new and terrifying creatures in the kitchen. As I currently can’t see straight due to a blow to the head I gave myself, it has been decreed that I should not move much. As I am due to wrangle recalcitrant young gentlemen tomorrow, I disagreed and got what can only be described as a rather unpleasant telling off and instructed to remain on the sofa or my ankles will be “Miseryed”. Having remembered just what happens in that story, my arse hit the sofa faster than a hot dog disappears down a fat bastard’s throat and here I remain, at least more compos mentis that I was yesterday after twatting my own cranium, and therefore I have taken it upon myself to have a listen to a young British band and their latest release – these being Anti-Clone and the record is called “Human”, being a five track EP recorded in Manchester.

On the first play, the listener is grabbed by a rather huge production, with big, BIG guitars, a bottom end with more bottom end than a room full of cloned Gemma Collinses having all been at the dessert trolley and destructive, fucking loud drums. The sound is absolutely fucking colossal, lads, lasses and all other genders. The whole record is played with considerable verve and energy as well. There’s a clear sense of purpose running through the performances of the entire band and a rather needle sharp, cruel focus throughout each song. I’ll attempt to be brief, this time, rather than waxing lyrical as I do normally. Mainly because my head is fucking pounding right now but that’s just cranial trauma…

The record opens with ‘Human’ and it is a song about the horror of being human, how we all lie to each other and how entire populations can be deceived by their leaders, especially in wartime. It is a satisfyingly bludgeoning opener as well, vituperative and venomous with a chorus that would not be out of place in a Mudvayne (in their make-up and Math Metal years) or Powerman 5000 song. This is followed by ‘Punish Me’, and this rather masochistic song is about being unable to walk away from toxic or damaging situations in life. However, it does espouse the fact that sometimes the only thing to do is let go. Musically we delve into the realms of Emo, with a huge chorus that young boys with swoopy Adolf Hitler haircuts and more eyeliner than their stripy-trousered girlfriends will absolutely go gaga for, complete with mosh-worthy Korn-lite breakdown in the middle.

And so it continues – Math Metal meets Emo meets the kind of 90’s Alternative Metal of prime PM5K, Rob Zombie and Human Waste Project with added Korn and Adema for that bit of Nu-Metal bite. It’s actually a really intoxicating mix that works splendidly with the vocals of Peter “CLΩNE” Moore, a man who can ape the baritone of Marilyn Manson (‘End Of The World’ – loving the middle eight of this song though!) just as readily as the impassioned howl of Chino Moreno and the guttural roar of Jonathan Davis. This latter is eminently displayed on the closing song on the EP, a cover of batshit insane Icelandic murder pixie Björk’s ‘Army Of Me’. It’s a Nu-Metal classic twenty years too late, but it’s still fucking brilliant.

And that more or less sums up the sound of the EP. Anti-Clone wear their influences openly and honestly on their collective sleeves and the band and the record are all the better for it. There’s no pretending that they are trying to play something innovative and new (unlike GLDN, see my review on them and see just why it pissed me off) but what they do play, they do fucking WELL. And although these are new compositions, they manage to offer a warm sense of familiarity and of being in on the joke. 

So if you are the kind of person who loves Powerman 5000, Korn, Human Waste Project and Mudvayne, Team Satan 666 ice hockey shirts and having make-up that has you looking like a melted panda, Anti-Clone have you splendidly covered. If you don’t, well, you’ve backed a loser here, but the sheer exuberance of the performance should win over a fan or two and as far as purchasing goes, it’s a bloody good British Metal record and worth a punt for anyone, even if it is faintly derivative along the way. I have heard megabucks bands with miles shittier songs and production jobs than this. I want to hear more Anti-Clone and I want it now!

The Patented Dark Juan Blood Splat Rating System awards Anti-Clone 8/10 for a fine EP that successfully manages to hark back to sounds that were popular in the near-past but drags them into the 21st century. Marks are deducted for the release being an EP (not long enough) and for them skirting a little bit too close to Nu-Metal now and again. Otherwise, though, crushing and satisfyingly meaty.

01. Human
02. Punish Me
03. End Of The World
04. Spiteful
05. Army Of Me

Peter “CLΩNE” Moore – Vocals
William “26” Richardson – Guitar
Pat “KAKES” Godin – Bass
Drew “ALPHA” Moore – Drums


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