C**tFull Of Concrete – The Sickening (single)

The Sickening Single Cover Art

C**tFull Of Concrete – The Sickening (single)
Release Date: 17/09/22
Running Time: 2:32
Review by Dark Juan

For some reason, head honcho Beth “I Know You Too Well, You Fucking Sicko” Jones and other Ever-Metal.com jefe Simon “You Might Be Metal, But I Have The Most Metal Surname Ever And Don’t You Forget It” Black (to be fair, he is only beaten by the improbably monikered Sergeant Max Fightmaster) though that a band who are charmingly named Cunt Full Of Concrete might appeal to Dark Juan. Therefore, I was duly assigned ‘The Sickening’ for my listening “pleasure”. I have no idea why they feel that way, for I am a good and virtuous man with full on Christian values and a deep and abiding love of God and all his mysterious workings and my unshakeable faith in the Lord is well known to all the people around the world who actually read the drivel I commit to the electronic ether. Why they would assign me to review this vile pile of pungent filth and distinct lack of Godliness is totally beyond my comprehension.

So after much prayer to God, Jesus, Allah and Yahweh (basically anyone who might fucking well LISTEN and much pleading for forgiveness for the sin I was about to commit) I placed my cans upon my quailing ears and proceeded to be blasphemed at…

This review will not be to my usual egregious word count as there are only so many ways I can describe a song lasting two minutes and thirty-two seconds.

Rather disconcertingly, the song opens with some super-synthwavey synths with a thick wodge of greasy, filthy guitar feeding into the song gradually as they plink and plonk away before the riff starts and some benighted demon-spawn vomits up his own gizzards into a microphone over some chromatic riffing. Beneath said demon-spawn vomitorious vocals is a shrieking cenobite who seems intent on exploring just how high a pitch a human voice can achieve before bats start crashing into trees because he’s fucked with their supersonic sonar radar. If you’re of a certain age you might appreciate the Batfink reference. If you are too young, I suggest you get on YouTube, our kid.

Wow. This is lo-fi as fuck. The sound of the song is extremely woolly, and the production “experimental” to say the least, yet for some bizarre and unexplainable reason this adds to the charm of this Australian Blackened Deathgrind duo. It’s as visceral as it is possible to be and rather does conjure the rather upsetting mental image of them recording this song in an abattoir, slipping and sliding among eviscerated carcasses and spilled blood upon the floor and smearing each other with entrails and offal before unleashing the primal horrors of their combined imaginations upon the unsuspecting listener. None of which matters because you can’t understand a bloody word of what’s being puked up at you in the vocals anyway. Instead CFOC elect to see whether an (allegedly) human throat can hit the brown frequency and cause their poor punters to shit themselves upon the sofa, or equally to cut off their own ears to save themselves from the torture they are facing.

In conclusion, Cunt Full Of Concrete are worth a punt if you are a lover of OSDM and Grindcore. They have that same level of danger in their sound that The Berzerker had on their debut record and that, my dear friends, is something to be commended most highly indeed. I like Cunt Full Of Concrete. You will too, despite the slightly home-grown quality of the recording. 

Fucking Australians, mates. They live in paradise, granted most of their fauna seems intent on murdering them, and that includes their giant long-tailed pugilistic rabbits, but they should have no reason to sound this nasty and depraved. But this slightly shell-shocked Hellpriest is very glad they do.

The Patented Dark Juan Blood Splat Rating System awards the delightfully named CuntFull Of Concrete 8/10 for an excellent, sick as fuck little platter. 

Insert obligatory Aussie joke here. Because I am a Pom. Bonzer!


Rapid Man – Bass, Guitars
Aaron Mangano – Vocals, drum programming


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