Ellende – Ellenbogengesellschaft

Ellenbogengesellschaft Album Cover Art

Ellende – Ellenbogengesellschaft
AOP Records
Release Date: 30/09/2022
Running Time: 48:49 
Review by Richard Oliver

For album titles which are a mouthful, then Ellenbogengesellschaft has to take some sort of award. Translating to “Elbow Society”, it is the fourth album from Austrian one-man atmospheric Black Metal band Ellende. Ellende is the project of L.G. who writes and performs all music bar the live drums, which are on this occasion handled by session drummer P.F.

Ellende definitely fall into the camp of what can be termed Post-Black Metal which merges an atmospheric Black Metal sound with elements of Post-Rock. It is an established and popular sound with Ellende – being one of the most popular artists in the sub-genre, alongside bands such as Harakiri For The Sky, Deafheaven, Ghost Bath and Møl amongst others. What we get on Ellenbogengesellschaft is the fury of Black Metal filtered through a melancholic and introspective lens with strong and sullen melodies, a strong emotional core and deep atmospheric passages. 

This is dark and emotionally charged music which wears its heart on its sleeve, conveying feelings of anguish, despair and despondency but channelling it into a furious Black Metal assault. Songs such as ‘Hand Auf Herz’, ‘Freier Fall’ and ‘Ruhelos’ (which also features J.J. from fellow countrymen Harakiri For The Sky on guest vocals) mix that rage, sorrow and helplessness in stunning fashion. ‘Someday’, although with some heavy moments, leans towards Ellende’s more tender side and album closer ‘Verletzlich’ reaches an emotional crescendo with some stunning guitar melodies.

“Ellenbogengesellschaft“ is a beautiful Post-Black Metal release. Musically it is stunning, with fantastic guitar work and gorgeous melancholic melody mixed with primal fury. The vocals are a mix of tortured and anguished screams but there is also the inclusion of some clean vocals and some absolutely gorgeous choral vocals which are used to stunning effect. If you like extreme music which isn’t afraid to show vulnerable human emotion, then Ellende are a band you need to hear and “Ellenbogengesellschaft” is an album you should definitely be giving a spin.

01. Ich Bin
02. Unsterblich
03. Ruhelos
04. Hand Auf Herz
05. Someday
06. Freier Fall
07. Abschied
08. Verletzlich

L.G. (Vocals, Choirs, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Synths, Samples, Ambience)


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