April Art – Pokerface

Pokerface Album Cover Art

April Art – Pokerface
Release Date: 30/09/22
Running Time: 43:00
Review by Paul Hutchings

Sometimes you get an album to review which sits far outside of your usual comfort zone. Such is the case with April Art. A quartet from Central Hesse, who have been active since 2014, their style of Nu Metal, Pop Punk and jangling aggression is highly produced, full of energy and sadly, does absolutely nothing for me. Now, that’s not to say that “Pokerface” is a bad album, but it just doesn’t resonate at all. The funked-up bass lines, the verbal interaction and the shiny, polished finish just don’t float my boat. 

At times it’s like Linkin’ Park meets Paramore, at others more like Nightwish fused with Korn. If you like big, chunky riffs, staccato beats and generic songs that don’t really linger long in the memory banks, then this may be of interest. Lisa-Marie Watz sounds like a livewire, and the photos of the band on their website suggest they are a feisty option in the live arena. 

It’s music that undoubtedly works better live, although I can see certain tracks (e.g., ‘My Way’) being ideal backing music for an energetic workout session. Although the band are from Germany, it’s a very American sounding record. The songs are short, sharp, snappy. They are also highly polished in the production stakes, with ample effects and additions included. 

The songs tend to blend into each other at times, although that’s probably more about my elderly ears, for there is a definite distinction between the title track, the emotive ‘Warrior’ and the bounce of ‘See the Light’. 

It’s probably not my best selection of the year, for “Pokerface” is undoubtedly a better album than I’m describing. The 15 songs that cascade over a frantic 43 minutes are short, immediate, and punchy. And if you like this band, I bet you love them, for they demand total engagement and commitment. It’s just not one that appeals to me. They have toured with Dark Tranquility and Enisferum in Europe this year, so there is something most definitely engaging about April Art. But I’m going to have to let you figure out what it is. 

‘Try’ Official Video

01. Pokerface 
02. Change
03. Interlude: Manifest 
04. Rising High 
05. Sky is the Limit 
06. Warrior 
07. My Way 
08. Interlude: Leave it Behind 
09. See the light 
10. Start Over 
11. Interlude: Letters
12. Superhero
13. Try
14. Leave it Behind
15. Headline 

Lisa Marie Watz – Vocals
Chris Bunnell– Guitars
Julian Schuetze – Bass
Ben Juelg – Drums


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