The Plot vs. Damage Control – 2003-2009

The Plot vs. Damage Control - 2003-2009 Album Cover Art

The Plot vs. Damage Control – 2003-2009
Cherry Red Records
Release Date: 30/09/22
Running Time: A lot of minutes 
Review by Paul Hutchings

Mention the word UFO and most Hard Rock fans look to the classic line-up of Mogg, Schenker, Parker and Way. Mention Pete Way and most think of a wild hard-drinking, drug talking rock ‘n’ roll rebel whose death in 2020 at the age of 70 was untimely, but hardly a surprise given his lifestyle for so many years (note: his death was not drug or alcohol related). Way left UFO in 1982, re-joined briefly in 1989 before returning from 1991 – 2008. During his career he forged several collaborations and solo projects including, Waysted and a brief stint with Fast Eddie Clarke in Fastway. 

From 2003 – 2009 Way recorded three albums which are featured in a new boxset from Cherry Red. The first of these is “The Plot” which featured Michael Schenker on guitar, and drummer Jeff Martin from Badlands. For fans of Schenker and Way, it’s an interesting if unremarkable album. Twelve tracks that at times present as a couple of drunks in a studio, all underwritten with a sleazy vibe unrecognisable from the polished music that Schenker produces these days. Way handles the vocals on all tracks, and his delivery is certainly an acquired taste. At times it’s enjoyable with Schenker showing some flashes of his brilliance. Overall, it’s an album that sits very much in the middle range of Heavy Rock, with some absolute stinkers. ‘Miss You Tonight’ and ‘Take Another Shot’ demonstrate Way’s vocal limitations, the latter borrowing greatly from the Rolling Stones. 

The second disc saw Schenker and Martin make way for Robin George and Chris Slade with The Quireboys’ Spike taking over the vocal role. A more bluesy affair, Spike’s smoky tones rule the roost here, his ability to make such a little go a long way once more in evidence. George adds some quality guitar playing throughout with his fret work on tracks like ‘Selfish’, opener ‘Dead Man Walking’ and ‘Damage Control’ a clear demonstration of why he has worked with the likes of Robert Plant, Phil Lynott and Glenn Hughes. There’s more variation on this album, with Slade’s thumping drumming rock solid, as befits a man who was the anchor for AC/DC for over six years. Damage Control retains some of the sleazy flavour of The Plot but without Way’s rather erratic singing and it’s certainly an enjoyable album, even if at times it’s a little routine. 

The final disc sees a reprise of most of the tracks on “Damage Control” with Way and George taking on the vocals from Spike. The real difference here is obviously the singing with George’s sweeter, smoother delivery giving the songs a different feel. The compositions are in the main a recap of “Damage Control” although “Raw” reflects the changing feel and style. Of all the albums, it’s probably the one that I found the most enjoyable, in part because it presents as the most fluid and organic, with the vocals of George easier on the ear than Spike (Way still struggles here). 

Ultimately, I’m not sure who the target audience is likely to be with this reissue. Fans of Way are likely to have these records in their collection, whilst those with a passing interest are unlikely to want to part with their cash. However, there are some gems tucked away here, and as part of the collection in the discography of hard rock’s most loved characters, it’s certainly worth a listen.


The Plot featuring Pete Way & Michael Schenker (2003)
01. You and Me
02. Need her Bad
03. Kicked Out
04. Miss You Tonight
05. Born Again
06. Take Another Shot
07. Shake Down
08. Senorita
09. Just My Luck
10. Wild Wild Things
11. Ain’t Got You
12. Might As Well Go Drinking

Damage Control (2007)
01. Dead Man Walking
02. Savage Songs
03. Alice
04. Selfish
05. C’mon Down
06. Damage Control
07. Victim
08. Raw
09. One Step Closer
10. Redundant
11. Seven Golden Daffodils
12. Bitching Blues

Damage Control – Raw (2009)
02. Alice
03. Savage Song
04. Damage Control
05. One Step Closer
06. Selfish
07. Pray for you and Me
08. Spy
09. Redundant
10. Slaughtered
11. Victim
12. Seven Golden Daffodils
13. Bitching Blues


The Plot
Pete Way – Vocals, Bass
Michael Schenker – Guitar
Jeff Martin – Drums 

Damage Control
Pete Way –Bass
Spike – Vocals
Robin George – Guitar
Chris Slade – Drums

Damage Control – Raw
Pete Way –Vocals, Bass
Robin George – Vocals, Guitar
Chris Slade – Drums


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