Eddie And The Hot Rods – The Singles 1976 – 1985

Eddie And The Hot Rods – The Singles 1976 – 1985 Album Cover Art

Eddie And The Hot Rods – The Singles 1976 – 1985
Cherry Red Records
Release date: 14/10/2022
Running time: 02:13:00
Review by Alun Jones

Yes it’s me again, sneaking in some more Punk Rock alongside your regular dose of Ever Metal. Because variety is the spice of life, right? Although to be honest, some trainspotter’s gonna testify that Eddie and the Hot Rods aren’t Punk, they’re “Pub Rock” or “New Wave”. Like I care. 

This compilation from Cherry Red includes 40 tracks over two CD’s, full to the top of the pint glass with Pub / Punk / New Wave from Eddie and the Hot Rods. All the single A and B sides from 1976 to 1985 are squeezed in – in chronological order – leaving no stone unturned, to create a definitive journey through the bands career. 

Starting with the first 45, ‘Writing on the Wall’, and including numerous energetic cover versions like ‘Woolly Bully’, ’96 Tears’ and ‘Satisfaction’, it’s easy to imagine being in a packed pub rocking out to the Hot Rods. These early tracks illustrate nicely how the band were really a revved up R’n’B band in the style of the Stones and early Who – just faster and with even more gung-ho. There’s a direct line here from the rebellious Rock ’n’ Roll of the MC5 – as evidenced by two collaborations with Rob Tyner at the end of disc one. 

The Punk association really blossoms with the superb ‘Teenage Depression’; it’s like Mick, Keith and the other three time travelling ten years into their future and being inspired by the Ramones. The obsessive nature of this collection means we get three versions of all-time classic (and New Wave comp standard) ‘Do Anything You Wanna Do’ (including the US single edit and live version from a B side). It’s a good job it’s such a great song.

There’s a clue with that repetition where this compilation will find its audience. For the die-hard fan or seasoned collector, it’s a handy collection covering all bases. The booklet is perfect: details about every single and repro art of each record. It’s far more than a “greatest hits” set, though, so may be too much for the casual listener. 

The last couple of tracks on the second disc suffer from heavy handed mid 80’s production, but it’s quality stuff all the same. Some will prefer to write the band off as coat tail riders, based on the boozy covers, but the sheer exuberance of the performances is addictive. “The Singles 1976 – 1985” shows Eddie and the Hot Rods at their very best; the final product is so chock full of detail it’s a treasure.


Disc One
01. Writing On The Wall
02. Cruisin’ (In The Lincoln)
03. Wooly Bully
04. Horseplay (Weary Of The Schmaltz)
05. 96 Tears (Live)
06. Get Out Of Denver (Live)
07. Gloria / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Live)
08. Teenage Depression
09. Shake
10. I Might Be Lying
11. Ignore Them (Always Crashing In The Same Bar)
12. Hard Drivin’ Man (Live)
13. Horseplay (Live)
14. Double Checkin’ Woman (Live)
15. All I Need Is Money (Live)
16. On The Run (Live)
17. Do You Anything You Wanna Do
18. Schoolgirl Love
19. Till The Night Is Gone (Let’s Rock) (with Robin Tyner)
20. Flip-Side Rock (with Robin Tyner)

Disc Two
01. Do Anything You Wanna Do (USA 7” Edit)
02. Quit This Town
03. Distortion May Be Expected (laughbagindub)
04. Life On The Line
05. Do Anything You Wanna Do (Live)
06. What’s Really Goin’ On (Live)
07. Why Can’t It Be (Live)
08. Media Messiahs
09. Horror Through Straightness
10. Power And The Glory
11. Highlands One Hopefuls Two
12. At Night
13. You Better Run
14. Looking Around
15. Wide Eyed Kid
16. Leave Us Alone
17. Farther On Down The Road (You Will Accompany Me)
18. Fish ‘N’ Chips Part Two
19. Fought For You
20. Hey, Tonight

Barrie Masters – Vocals
Steve Nicol – Drums, Backing Vocals
Dave Higgs – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tony “T.C.” Cranney – Bass, Backing Vocals


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