Blakk Ledd – Heavy Metal Fans

Heavy Metal Fans Album Cover Art

Blakk Ledd – Heavy Metal Fans
Melodic Passion
Release Date: 11/11/22
Running Time: 52:35
Review by Simon Black

When this record from the Swedish Metal act landed, I at first thought I may have missed something from the NWOBHM influenced USA Metal of the mid 80’s, but no this is very new material from a relatively recently founded band. That was the first surprise. The second one was that this sounds like a young bunch of fiery millennials who’ve discovered their parents’ vinyl collections and run with it (like Reckless Love for example), but the press pack reveals a very grizzled middle-aged bunch of chaps, who don’t look very Metal at all, but my word they certainly have that sound nailed and have clearly owned all the right records for many decades..

Now those that read my drivelling regularly will know that I blow hot and cold when it comes to this retro-fad let’s re-create the 80’s approach, particularly when bands waste inordinate amounts of effort recreating analogue sounds on digital equipment (missing the point that it was the frenetic pace of delivery on kit that was available that led to that sound, and if they liked it so much then said bands would have not spent the intervening decades desperately remastering to the latest tech whenever they got the chance). Blakk Ledd seem to get this absolutely and although it’s definitely a no frills recording, the score to the back of the net comes from the fact they play with the energy and enthusiasm of the 80’s and that they have taken their influences directly from the early days of both USA and Euro metal stalwarts like Accept, Dokken and Judas Priest circa “Screaming For Vengeance”. 

I say “no frills” and by that I mean it’s not over-produced (and we forget much of that era was – which is a nightmare when someone does want to remaster anything from the 80’s). They have however, captured the individual players clearly and succinctly and the sound matches what they are trying to achieve, although I did have to take down the higher midrange to brilliance ends of the EQ so that it didn’t feel too sharp on the old lugholes and bump up the bass a little, but that roughness actually helps, because it brings with it bucket loads of energy.

Vocalist Christer Elmgren in particular does not sound like a man with an ageing voice box and has the kind of power and range on him that all of the singers on that roster of influences would love to still be able to hit so effortlessly as he seems to. I’m equally impressed with the guitar work of Tommie “Dawson” Karlsson, who proves as many of the greats did that although two guitarists gave you harmonies and the ability to weightily deliver rhythm and lead breaks in parallel, but that actually having just one really great guitarist can be more than enough.

With lyrics that scream their love for this kind of old school metal loud and proud, and some quite well-structured tunes with absolutely no fat to trim, Blakk Ledd were an unexpectedly pleasant surprise, and proof that you really are as young or old as you decide you want to be. 

‘Heavy Metal Fans’ Official Video

01. Heavy Metal Fans
02. Cold Trash Coming
03. Bad Sign
04. Ignite Your Life
05. Hold Your Ground
06. Burning Fever
07. Running In The Night
08. Liar
09. Pitch Black Hole
10. Take ‘Em Down

Anders Andersson – Bass
Peter Svensson – Drums
Tommie “Dawson” Karlsson – Guitars
Christer Elmgren – Vocals


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One thought on “Blakk Ledd – Heavy Metal Fans

  1. Hi Simon,
    Tommie from Blakk Ledd here.
    Thanks for an, I think, honest review.
    I recorded and mixed the thing myself.
    I was sick of all downtuned guitars that sounded like an overdriven bassguitar.

    We just want to pay a tribute to those times when you bought your LP and had a couple of beers when listening.
    So thanks again and cheers

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