Soul Grinder – Anthems From The Abyss

Soul Grinder – Anthems From The Abyss
MDD Records
Release Date: 11/11/22
Running Time: 42:16 
Review by Richard Oliver

A band that has been making waves in the extreme metal underground in Germany are Bremen death metallers Soul Grinder who are releasing their second album “Anthems From The Abyss”.  These guys flew into my radar with the release of their debut album “Chronicles Of Decay” in 2020 and they seriously impressed me with their no-nonsense but utterly brilliant approach to death metal.  An E.P. “Lifeless Obsession” followed last year which maintained the level of sheer quality displayed on the debut album so it is safe to say that this is an anticipated release and thankfully one that does not disappoint.

What we get with “Anthems From The Abyss” is a wonderfully straightforward death metal sound where the almighty riff is put front and centre.  There are so many riffs and rhythms on this album that demand vicious headbanging and the inevitable neck injuries.  There are plenty of moments of that irresistible old school death metal groove as well as some nods to thrash metal plus moments of sheer gnarly brutality.  Soul Grinder are not reinventing the wheel by any stretch but are just simply delivering absolutely killer death metal.  There can’t be a self-respecting death metal fan on the planet who won’t lose their shit to ravenous tunes such as ‘Insidious Resurrection’, ‘Supreme Enemy’, ‘From The Nether Realm’, ‘Warcurse’ and the killer title track.  There are odd hints at melody throughout the album plus there is also a minimal use of keyboards for atmosphere but these moments are few and far between.

Soul Grinder have again impressed with another killer death metal album.  It has killer riffs, filthy groove, battering rhythms and ferocious vocals – the key ingredients to any good death metal album.  One or two songs get overshadowed by the album’s more memorable songs but there is absolutely no denying that Soul Grinder have death metal down to a fine art.  They have won over metalheads in Germany and now is the time for them to impress the world.  “Anthems From The Abyss” is the album to help them achieve that.

‘Spirit’s Asylum’ Official Video

01. Anthems From The Abyss
02. Insidious Resurrection
03. The Soul’s Mirror
04. Supreme Enemy
05. I Am The Silencer
06. Blood Harvest
07. From The Nether Realm
08. The Last Supper
09. Spirit’s Asylum
10. Warcurse

Mathias Junge – Vocals/Bass
Jan Resmer – Guitar Backing Vocals 
Matè “Balrogh” Balogh – Drums


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