Burnt Out Wreck – Stand and Fight

Burnt Out Wreck – Stand and Fight
Burnt out Wrekords
Release Date: 18/11/22
Running Time: 60:00
Review by Paul Hutchings

I first saw Burnt Out Wreck at a Hard Rock Hell event in North Wales in 2017. I enjoyed them then, with their basic, AC/DC feel and vibe, and their first two albums “Swallow” and “This is Hell” both worked well. Led by former Heavy Pettin’ drummer Gary Moat, the band bring an old school sound with absolutely no shame.

Unpretentious is probably a good description of Burnt Out Wreck. They play hard rock ‘n’ roll with plenty of rhythm, in part due to a dual guitar attack as well as a solid rhythm section in Paul Gray and Alex Carmichael. Moat’s vocals echo Bon Scott and Udo Dirkschneider at times, but he brings his own unique style to the songs. 

11 songs span an hour of music which is enjoyable from start to finish. You can admire the solidity of the tracks, the quality of the musicianship and the witty lyrics. From opening track ‘Big Up Yourself’, the chug of ‘Turpentine’ and the finale of ‘I’m A Loser Too’ it’s all good stuff. Sure, it’s not going to win any prizes for originality, but sometimes comfort is what we want and Burnt Out Wreck bring it in spades. 

Moat has put blood, sweat, and tears into this album. “These are eleven of the best songs I’ve written. This really was the ‘difficult third album’, inspired by the worst one and a half years in my life, but the result was worth the struggle, and this is something I’m really proud of. I invite you all to Stand and Fight“.

With new guitarist Richard Upson shredding for fun and in some style throughout, this is an album that demonstrates that there can be a future for bands who want to create honest, good-time music. They can do the more sentimental stuff, such as the melodic ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’, and bluesy delivery (‘I’m A Loser Too’) but it’s when they kick out the jams on songs like ‘Big Up Yourself’ that they really hit their peak. And when they do, then it’s worth every minute. 

‘Stand And Fight’ Official Video

01. Big Up Yourself
02. Stand and Fight
03. Lion
04. Ain’t Done Nothing Wrong
05. More than Anything
06. Pain and Suffering 
07. Turpentine
08. Blood, Sweat and Tears
09. Wake Up
10. Take It or Leave It
11. I’m A Loser Too

Gary Moat – lead vocals/ rhythm guitar
Alex Carmichael – bass guitar/ backing vocals
Andy McLaughlan – lead guitar/ backing vocals
Richard Upson – lead guitar/ backing vocals
Paul Gray – drums


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