Nighnacht – Asking To Be Killed EP

Nighnacht – Asking To Be Killed EP
Morbid And Miserable Records
Release Date: 02/12/22
Running Time: 13:15
Review by Richard Oliver

Nighnacht are a four-piece hailing from Arizona and fronted by Nunslaughter frontman Don Of The Dead. The band formed in 2019 with “Asking To Be Killed” being the third E.P. released by the band following “Christophilia” in 2019 and “Murder Myself” in 2020. The EP is made up of seven songs with a running length of just over thirteen minutes so this is very much a case of ‘short and sweet’, or more like ‘short and savage’.

“Asking To Be KIlled” is a savage blend of Black, Death and Thrash Metal and with short song lengths the band throw everything they have at you with no time to pause for breath. Songs such as ‘Auto Euthanasia’ and ‘In The Woods At Halloween’ are fast, chaotic and utterly deranged, whilst ‘Dealing With Grief’ and ‘Existence Is Futile’ have a far darker and more unhinged feel to them ably assisted by the psychotic wails and screeches which make up the vocals. The music definitely sits more on the Black and Death side of things with the ugliest aspects of each genre being pushed to the fore on each of these songs.

This is an enjoyable little EP from Nighnacht. It is short and to the point and some of these songs do feel they could have been fleshed out a little more, but going off what we have been given, Nighnacht gives us quality over quantity. It is a truly chaotic and deranged style of Extreme Metal and one can be taken aback when first listening, but I feel that is exactly the effect that Nighnacht wanted to achieve with this release.

‘In The Woods At Halloween’ Official Video

01. Defiling Your Corpse
02. Asking To Be Killed
03. Auto Euthanasia
04. Dealing With Grief
05. Existence Is Futile
06. Chopping Up The Dead
07. In The Woods At Halloween

Keoni – Drums
Paul – Guitar 
Chris – Bass
Don – Vocals


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