Twisted Mind – From Slave to Prophet EP

From Slave to Prophet EP Cover Art

Twisted Mind – From Slave to Prophet EP
Release Date: 09/12/22
Running Time: 24:07 
Review by Paul Hutchings

‘For fans of Metallica, Muse, Dhafer Youssef, Linkin Park, Orphaned Land’ says the blurb that accompanies this intelligent and captivating EP. It’s a bold statement but I can see exactly why the band have said that,  for there are touches of all those listed in these five songs. 

It’s fair to say that the opening song ‘Long Live Rock & Roll’ is a bit of a joyous statement. Nothing much to dive deep into, but it’s a cracking tune that varies in pace, style and has a groove that is catchy as hell. It’s got a spirit and vibrancy that demands your attention, the interplay is excellent and Yanir Chmiel’s vocals are superb. 

The band incorporate oud and bouzouki into their music, adding traditional elements of which they are rightly proud. ‘Burning Grounds’ has a delicious riff which hangs, a semi-blues feels about the song, but with the stomp of Pearl Jam in their prime. It’s tasty stuff and it has a darker lyrical content. ‘Burning Grounds’ is the band’s protest song, a reflection of the corruption across the world. It doesn’t matter where you live, those in power are fucking us all over and Twisted Mind will know better than most. It’s anthemic, stirring, and uplifting. 

‘Walked through Hell’ tells the tale of a toxic love story. It may not have the same power as the previous song, but the music makes up for it with a climbing, dramatic tempo, and more bouzouki. It’s got a great combination of instruments that give it something a bit extra. It’s followed by the sequel to the same story in ‘Back Home’, which takes a slightly softer and slower pace – semi ballad but not in that AOR sloppiness but a cinematic style which brings the band neatly into play with orchestral elements. It’s a neat variation and works well. 

It’s the final song and title track that sees the band echo elements of the mighty Orphaned Land, which tells the story of Josef and his journey from slavery to prophet in Egypt. It’s different from all the other songs and brings the EP to close with a real change of style. It’s another uplifting and majestic song that really brings the band’s quality to the fore. 

‘Walk Through Hell’ Official Video

01. Long Live Rock & Roll
02. Burning Grounds
03. Walked Through Hell 
04. Back Home
05. From Slave to Prophet 

Lahav Zityat – Guitar +Oud
Or Cohen – Bass Guitar 
David Darash – Drums 
Yanir Chmiel – Lead Vocals 
Dan Saliman – Guitar + Bouzouk


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