Rob’s Top 10 Live Shows of 2022

Rob’s Top 10 Live Shows of 2022
By Rob Sutton

So since everyone has been doing album reviews, I thought I would be a little different and do my top 10 live reviews of 2022. So without further ado:

10 – Ferocious Dog – Bloodstock Sophie Stage

Bloodstock had many incredible performances this year across all stages but for me Ferocious Dog stood out as they were something a bit different from the rest of the line-up, mixing elements of folk, rock and a bit of punk. Honestly this was a highly entertaining and tight set! Special thanks to Ever Metal’s own, Simon for dragging me to see these.

9 – Beyond Extinction – Wrexham Central

I think there is something in the water down in Essex as recently there has been a whole host of brilliant bands coming from there. Beyond Extinction for me though were top tier, relentlessly brutal and heavier than Thor’s hammer! If you want to hear Black Tongue but better, these guys are your band.

8 – Rosen Bridge – The Hive Winsford

I’ve seen Rosen Bridge so many times this year and sadly half of their sets were plagued with technical difficulties but in Winsford, this was not the case. Everything was absolutely spot on, from the vocals, to the epic lead guitars to the blistering drums. These guys are really a band to watch! Album next?

7 – Blood Church – Gerbfest

Now I know there might be a slight bit of bias as this was a festival run by JTR but still these Telford lads stunned the crowd with a mix of black metal and slam. Not only was the set ungodly evil but they also got the first pits of the day. Oh and those pig squeals are on another level of good!

6 – Beyond Your Design – The Hairy Dog Derby

What can I say about these boys? I’ve been taking the mickey out of them all year for sounding like Trivium but that aside, their music is infectiously catchy and their presence on stage is unmatched in the genre. The addition of a stand-in drummer also added so much more punch to their set and honestly, I can’t wait for them to find a drummer now!

5 – Arcaeon – Wangies Eccles 

Would it be a yearly round up without me mentioning Arcaeon? Well this year I caught them twice, first at Techfest and then at Wangies. While Techfest was a stunning performance by these Londoners, Wangies had a much more personal feel to it and it played right into their hands. As they could show off their personality so much more. Not only that but we were treated to a new song which seems so much heavier than their previous material. Already pumped for the next album!

4 – Cabin Boy Jumped Ship – XS Wrexham 

Oh my god there was so much nostalgia here, the MySpace era of electronic metalcore is something I grew up on and is so rarely heard these days. Thankfully Cabin Boy Jumped Ship are still pumping out solid music of this style, not to mention their live show being so tight and full of energy it was impossible not to mosh and dance simultaneously. This was probably the most fun I’ve had watching a live band all year!

3 – Ghosts of Atlantis – The Alma Bolton

Now there was a lot to moan about at this gig, most notably the massive delays but when GOA came on, they simply blew me away! I have a soft spot for symphonic metal and when it’s mixed with melodic death metal and elements of black, it ticks all the boxes. This performance stood out the most for me as everything worked so perfectly and they were just mindblowingly tight. I had so many spine tingles while watching these guys, it was simply beautiful!

2 – Vulvodynia – Techfest

Techfest by far and away had the highest standard of bands in one place and it was really difficult for me not to just fill this list with Techfest. I picked out Vulvodynia as they were just so intense and in your face! In terms of deathcore, these guys are in another league right now. My neck was well and truly shattered after this set.

1 – Karma’s Puppet – M2TM Final Chesterfield 

Another band I have seen so many times this year but their final takes the bacon! Seeing as this was a competition, every band stepped up their game but for me Karma’s Puppet stepped it up so much there was no competition! (And that’s not saying that the other bands weren’t good, each warranted a slot as well). Karma’s Puppet had the hooks and the reel and the crowd bit and went crazy! I don’t think any other band this year has put on a show like these boys. Gutted I missed them at bloodstock now…

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