Defy The Curse – Horrors Of Human Sacrifice

Defy The Curse – Horrors Of Human Sacrifice
Hammerheart Records
Release Date: 13/01/2023
Running Time: 34:55 
Review by Richard Oliver

Made up of former members of well-known acts from the North Limburg region of the Netherlands such as Collision, Cauterize, Inhume, The Guilt Parade, Mangled and Legion of the Damned, Defy The Curse stormed onto the scene in 2016 with their crust infested old school death metal.  A self-titled E.P. was released in 2018 and now in 2023 the band unleashes their debut full length album “Horrors Of Human Sacrifice”.

“Horrors Of Human Sacrifice” mixes that old school death metal sound with caustic crust punk aesthetics and sludgy, dirty groove.  Different songs on the album bring different elements to the forefront with the dirty groove given prevalence on songs such as ‘The Tower Of Suffering’ and ‘Swarms’ while the crust punk rears its gnarly head on ‘Desolate Void’ and ‘Existence Consumed’. The old school death metal might dominates on ‘Dreameater’ and the fearsome title track. The band delivers a barrage of dirty riffs, ugly vocals and d-beat rhythms spread over twelve filthy songs.

This is a solid debut album from Defy The Curse. It is a very straightforward punky death metal album which does exactly what it says on the tin offering little in the way of dynamics and surprises.  This can mean that the album is very repetitive and not many of the songs really jump out and grab your attention. If straightforward crust-infused death metal is your bag then this album will tick many boxes but it may be a little too run-of-the-mill for many listeners.  It’s an enjoyable album which is a great listen for when you are in the mood for something gnarly, groovy and ugly.  

‘Leading Into The Realm Of Torment’ Official Video

01. Leading into the Realm of Torment 
02. Existence Consumed
03. The Tower of Suffering
04. Endless Curse
05. Swarms
06. The Oppressor
07. Horrors of Human Sacrifice
08. Eidolon of the Blind
09. Desolate Void
10. Serpent Cult
11. Panopticon
12. Dreameater

Boris Janssen – Bass
Bjorn Surminski – Drums
Harold Gielen – Vocals & Guitars
Wouter Wagemans – Vocals


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