Wothrosch – Odium

Wothrosch – Odium
Hammerheart Records
Release Date: 13/01/23
Running Time: 55:00
Review by Paul Hutchings

A sinister cloud has emerged over Athens. The arrival of another Dark Metal outfit from the hotbed of Black and Death Metal is to be welcomed. Wothrosch explode into your face with their debut album, “Odium”. It’s a filthy combination of Sludgy Black Metal that sprawls over the best part of an hour. At times it is so intense there’s a feeling of suffocation. It’s that oppressive. 

Formed in Athens in 2018, the line-up appears to be an unholy trio whose malcontent stretches far. Wothrosch produce a sound that is summoned up from hell. A ferocious combination of Septicflesh and Anaal Nathrakh, “Odium” roars from the opener ‘Child’ and proceeds to cast a sonic soundscape which is both horrific and enticing in equal measure. It doesn’t let up until the last bars of ‘Reign’ fade out, nearly an hour later.

Dallas managed to drag the very bowels to provide his demonic roars, drawn from an unearthly place. It’s distorted, uncomfortable and at times downright challenging. This is what Wothrosch want you to experience. With a title which means: ‘The state or fact of being subjected to hatred and contempt as a result of a despicable act or blameworthy circumstance’, it’s evident from the blistering bursts of extremity that Wothrosch aren’t here to make friends and influence anyone. This is fresh, brutally aggressive, and rawer than a butcher’s shop front window. 

The song titles scream nastiness. ‘Tumor’ and ‘Disease’ live up to their names, a punishing meander over eight and a half minutes in the case of the latter, the former being half the length but double the intensity. It’s head splitting stuff. ‘Sinner’ is another lumbering beast, at 8:34 the longest track on the record. It’s pulverising riffs and funeral paced doom vibe are compelling; it’s difficult to move away once the tractor beam is locked on. 

It continues like this throughout the 55 minutes. It could be used for torture; such is its intensity. Bruising, relentless, pounding. Wothrosch have produced a slab of extremity so visceral in its intent that it makes for a challenging listen. Get past the barriers, and it’s as crushingly heavy an album as you’ll hear all year. If extreme metal is your bag, then “Odium” should be on your saved list. 

01. Child
02. Tumor
03. Disease
04. Sinner
05. Purge
06. Odium 
07. Mass
08. Reign

Nassos Defiant Stergiou – Guitar 
N.P.  – Bass
Philip Dellas – Vocals 


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