Neverus – Burdens Of The Earth

Neverus – Burdens Of The Earth
NFLS Records
Release Date: 21/04/2023
Running Time: 45:45
Review by Richard Oliver

Despite the very short lifespan of the band, Neverus are determined to make an impression with their debut album “Burdens Of The Earth”. The four-piece formed in Eindhoven in 2022 and after a trickle of singles, 2023 sees them release their first full length of metal goodness. The band have a sound that is the epitome of European extreme melodic metal with elements from genres ranging from melodic death metal to folk metal to power metal to symphonic metal. It is a sound that brings to mind bands such as Wintersun, Brymir, Nothgard and Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, being a very melodic and epic sounding record but with enough gritty and crunchy metal elements to ensure that “Burdens Of The Earth” has a hardened shell around its melodic centre.

The epic sound produced by the band is effected through layers of crunchy guitars, dual leads and melodies, sweeping orchestrations and a range of vocals from soaring cleans to ferocious screams and snarls from frontman Jack Streat. Although Neverus are now a full band, the majority of the music on “Burdens Of The Earth” has been performed by Jack with drumming duties undertaken by Joris Sevat who puts in a suitably punishing performance though his drumming is nicely varied in pace and tone throughout. I’ve mentioned the word epic several times already but that is very much the sound that Neverus are going for and achieve in spadefuls on songs such as ‘Lazarus’, ‘One For Blood’ and lengthy album closer ‘Temptation’.

Although there are twelve songs listed on the album, four of these are either intros or interludes which are either in a symphonic or acoustic style. These are a bit unnecessary and simply could have been incorporated into the start of the songs that they precede. It is a very minor criticism that can be levelled at the album. The actual songs though are fantastic and although there may be a multitude of European metal bands performing this epic style of melodic death and power metal, it is a sound that I am very much a sucker for. Neverus know exactly what they are doing and they do it in bombastic style. This album may not be original sounding, but it is vastly enjoyable.  

‘One For Blood’ Official Video

01. On This Mountain Peak
02. Banish And Burn
03. Calderian
04. Lazarus
05. From The North
06. Mournful March
07. One For Force
08. One For Blood
09. Send My Spirit High
10. Towards The Surface
11. Home
12. Temptation

Roman Potasse – Bass
Joris Sevat – Drums
Robin Ritzen – Guitars
Jack Streat – Vocals, Guitars & Orchestrations


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