Corrosion Of Conformity & Plainride

Corrosion Of Conformity & Plainride
The Bread Shed,  Manchester
Live Review by Gaz Bates
Photography by Paul Hutchings (Shot in Cardiff 04/05/23)

It’s a Friday night in Manchester, it’s the weekend of Desertfest l, which means all the bands are touring the UK and playing the North of England, tonight The Breadshed is alive and buzzing, waiting for Stoner Rock royalty, Corrosion Of Conformity to take to the stage.

When I arrived, Pepper and the boys were out front having drinks with the crowd and talking. Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to say hello, but it was nice to see that they didn’t spend all night backstage.


Plainride are a band I hadn’t heard of. I wanted my first taste of them to be at a live show once I found out they were opening. First thought was, this dude sounds like Neil Fallon (Clutch). There were some groovy riffs, and some great melodies throughout this set. The guy in front of me certainly enjoyed it, headbanging away as his hair hit the guy behind him in the face multiple times, much to the amusement of the people around them. All In all , Plainride played a solid set of riffs and awesome vocal melodies.

Corrosion Of Conformity

The time had come, Corrosion Of Conformity time! I had been waiting for this for years, having not seen them before, but now I was here ready to review them! In all honesty part of my review was already written before I saw them, it was something like “Pepper Keenan rules”, and after seeing them I would be happy to keep that as my review, but I will give some details.

They opened up with ‘Bottom Feeder’ and ‘Paranoid Opioid’. For anyone reading this review that was there, I am sure you will agree that the crowd went wild for CoC from the first note. Hitting us all with riff after riff, songs like ‘Diablo BLVD’, ‘Wiseblood’ and ‘Vote With A Bullet’, highlighted the set for me, but songs such as ‘13 Angela’, ‘Shake Like You’ and ‘Who’s Got The Fire’ were also solid set choices.

Pepper was vocally phenomenal, cool as they come, and played like a God. I was joking to my friend before the show that I would have to get the word ‘Incendiary’ in this review, and well, Pepper was an incendiary. Talking to the crowd, having banter with the lighting engineer and shouting “Cheers Big Ears” all made the crowd part of the show. The encore set consisted of ‘Born Again For The Last Time’ , ‘Albatross’, and ‘Clean My Wounds’. Hearing the crowd sing along to every word of Albatross is something that will stay with me forever. I love that song.

All In all, CoC really live up to their reputation, solid playing, awesome riffs, great live band and possibly the coolest people to play Rock ‘n’ Roll at the moment.

Fly on.



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