Grave Desecrator – Immundissime Spiritus

Grave Desecrator – Immundissime Spiritus
From Deepest Records
Release Date: 12/05/2023
Running Time: 37:39
Review by Richard Oliver

South America has a long history of producing gnarly extreme metal bands with Brazil in particular being a hotbed of extremity in the 1980s, giving us hugely influential and underground bands such as Sepultura, Sarcofago, Vulcano and Mutilator amongst others. These bands were a huge influence on what would become black metal and death metal with an early, primitive take on both of these genres. A new generation of South American metal bands popped up years later paying homage to and preserving the sound of these pioneering acts and Grave Desecrator is one such band. They formed in 1998 and “Immundissime Spiritus” is the fourth album from the band.

The music that can be found on “Immundissime Spiritus” is the gnarly and no holds barred mix of black, death and thrash metal that the band have become known for, with a sound that is inherently old school but with contemporary touches and a modern production. Four albums in and the band have no ideas about taking it easy as “Immundissime Spiritus” rips and shreds with a ferocious intensity. Songs such as ‘Death Misery Ecstasy’, ‘Miasma’ and ‘Rapists From The Cross’ mix that death metal brutality with evil tremolo riffs and face ripping solos which hurtle along at a hundred miles an hour whilst songs such as ‘Finis Hominis’ and ‘Occult Bewitchment’’ have some slower and more atmospheric moments while losing none of the intensity demonstrated on the rest of the album.  ‘Fogo Fátuo’ also has a strange spoken word mid-section which breaks up the unrelenting violence of the song.

Grave Desecrator don’t break the wheel with “Immundissime Spiritus” but have produced a wholly chaotic, ultra violent and immensely enjoyable blast of extreme metal carnage. The album has moments of variation to ensure that things don’t get too samey and the performances are excellent all round. If you need some extreme metal nastiness in your life then this album is one to give a listen.

‘Fogo Fátuo, Official Visualiser 

01. Necromantical Hex
02. Death Misery Ecstasy
03. Finis Hominis
04. Missa Pro Defunctis
05. Fogo Fátuo
06. Occult Bewitchment
07. Miasma
08. Fuck The Dead (GG Allin cover)
09. Rapists From The Cross
10. Whited Sepulchre

Butcherazor – Vocals & Guitars
Sub Umbra – Bass
M. Kult – Drums
Black Sin And Damnation – Guitars


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