DeVicious – Code Red

DeVicious – Code Red
Metalapolis / SPV
Release Date: 26/05/23
Running Time: 54:11
Review by Simon Black

Germany’s DeVicious have been around the block a few times, but not for as long as you might think when you start to listen to them. With a sound straight from 80’s AOR / Arena Rock to go with the cheesy cover, this is a much younger act than you would think. Now rocking up album number five, which they’ve been steadily clocking in at the rate of about one a year since their inception in 2018 (and with not much of a delay given the world was in a bit of a mess for the last few years) this is an act with plenty of legs (much like the aforementioned cover). I know I keep going on about the cover, but really guys? The music may be straight out of 1984, but there is no excuse for bringing the clichés of some of the decade’s lamest album artworks with you. Ah well, we have a contender for our annual worst cover of the year competition at least…

Musically though, and even though this is unlikely to be everyone’s cup of tea, they really have done a great job of catching the mood of that long gone period. The tunes are well-crafted, with a nice rich lavish sound and a production that is certainly much more rich and contemporary. The songs all have the keyboard rich anthemic feel that characterised the period, with just enough melodic shred from the guitar work to keep things safe and radio friendly, were such a thing relevant any more. The opening track is effective enough, with some good hooks and anthemic chorus, but sadly the album doesn’t keep up to that level of delivery throughout. 

This music works best when it focuses on punchiness and catchiness, but sadly most of the songs sound of the period, but lacking the focus that an A&R man of the day would have been pushing for to get single airplay on the US Rock Radio stations. But to give them a break, they’re running in a new hand on the mic stand, and although Baol Bardot Bulsara’s voice has a great tone and timbre, sometimes the phrasing is not imaginative enough and tracks the melody lines of the keys and ‘tar too closely. Which is a shame, because they’ve got so many of the ingredients right, that a bit more focus on punchier songwriting would have gone so much further.

‘Are You Ready For Love’ Official Video

01. Are You Ready for Love
02. Highway to the Stars
03. Madhouse
04. Stuck in Paradise
05. No More Tears
06. Raise Your Life
07. Not Anymore
08. House of Cards,
09. All My Life
10. Walk from the Shadows
11. Penthouse Floor 2023 (Bonus Track CD)

Baol Bardot Bulsara – Vocals
Radivoj Petrovic – Guitar
Alex Frey – Bass
Denis Kunz – Keyboards
Lars Nippa – Drums


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