Cloak – Black Flame Eternal

Cloak – Black Flame Eternal
Season of Mist
Release Date: 26/05/23
Running Time: 49:30
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Atlantan’s Cloak invoke a spiritual rebellion that exists beyond good and evil with their third album “Black Flame Eternal”.

The quartet start off proceedings with a heavy dose of blackened death for opener ‘Ethereal Fire’ and for this very reason the album immediately has my attention. This continues in a very aggressive manner for ‘With Fury and Allegiance’ which also teases a more melodic approach.

Moving into ‘Shadowlands’ the melodic tones are pushing through in ethereal waves and stunning guitar parts, this is complimented wonderfully by ‘Invictus’.

The album’s gem lies in the form of ‘Seven Thunders’ as the blistering pace also has wonderfully embedded atmospherics, these fire into the captivating ‘Eye of the Abyss’ effortlessly. The hauntingly clean vocals add a welcome dynamic. 

‘The Holy Dark’ is a nice amalgamation of extreme and orchestral music but with a dark twist almost in the vein of Septic Flesh and the contrast of styles, with acoustic ‘Heavenless’ adding some emotional depth.

The album concludes with title track ‘Black Flame Eternal’ which ends very much how the album began. Overall, Cloak have produced a third album that is a real mixture of ethereal atmosphere and abrasive chaos.

“Black Flame Eternal” is an album that represents strength, empowerment, and total opposition, and Cloak have utilised every minute.

‘The Holy Dark’ Official Music Video

01. Ethereal Fire
02. Within Fury and Allegiance
03. Shadowlands
04. Invictus
05. Seven Thunders
06. Eye of the Abyss
07. The Holy Dark
08. Heavenless
09. Black Flame Eternal

Scott Taysom – Vocals, Guitar
Max Brigham – Guitar
Billy C. Robinson – Bass
Sean Bruneau – Drums


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