Tankzilla – Tankzilla

Tankzilla – Tankzilla
Heavy Psych Sounds
Release date: 19/05/2023
Running time: 44:00
Review by: Alun Jones

Let’s talk about Tankzilla.  To start, what a rad name! According to the band’s PR, “Satan fucked a Panzer and the offshoot is Tankzilla”. Which pretty much sums everything up nicely. So nicely, in fact, that the rest of this review is a bit pointless.

Tankzilla are actually a duo consisting of Peter Van Elderen (guitar and vocals) and Marcin Hurkmans (drums), who started jamming together after their previous bands split. Before you get clever and assume that these guys are gonna be just like Royal Blood, they’re not. They have a whole lot more Motorhead in their dirty DNA.

‘Lucifer’, the first track, proves this nicely, with an opening riff reminiscent of ‘Deaf Forever’ by Lemmy’s crew. The song quickly erupts into a bludgeoning juggernaut all of its own, crushing everything in its path and setting the course for the rest of this slab of sonic destruction.

Yes, the power of the mighty riff rules in Tankzilla’s blitzkrieg campaign. ‘Crossroad’ drops more loud bombs adding a funky feel, while tracks such as ‘Wolfpack’ and ‘Soulsurfer’ have a hard rocking edge.  The assault slows a little with ‘Brother from Another Mother’, but keeps unleashing maximum firepower. Bonus points for the sample from The Mandalorian too in ‘Mutant Freak’. This is the way!

The final song, ‘Hard Way’, has a Melvins vibe to it – something else which makes me very happy indeed. Whether firing on all cylinders or easing off the gas a little here and there, this debut album is devastatingly excellent. Tankzilla are a relentless, riff-loaded monster and nothing can resist their onslaught. Definite Top Ten of the year list for me.

No time now, but remind me to tell you about that time with Motorhead in Europe, when we took the band to visit a military museum on a day off. Philthy was hungover, so Lem let him sleep it off in an old Russian tank. We closed the hatch and scarpered, leaving Phil in there all day. He only just made it to the next gig in Copenhagen by the skin of his teeth.

01. Lucifer
02. Crossroad
03. Wrong Place
04. Soulsurfer
05. Brother from Another Mother
06. Wolfpack
07. Pluck the Rooster
08. Mutant Freak
09. Diggin’ 4 Gold
10. Hard Way 

Peter van Elderen — Guitar & Vocals
Marcin Hurkmans — Drums 


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