The Bleeding – Monokrator

The Bleeding – Monokrator
Redefining Darkness Records
Release Date: 09/06/2023
Running Time: 30:22
Review by Richard Oliver

“Monokrator” is the new album from London death thrashers The Bleeding who are a four piece who  formed in 2010 and have released a stream of albums and EPs since then with “Monokrator” being the third full length album from the band and easily their best to date.

If you are a fan of old school death and thrash metal (and I am a rabid fan of both genres) then there is plenty for you to love on “Monokrator” as this merges the violent side of old school thrash with the twisted gnarliness of old school death albeit with a clean and modern production and mix. The songs here take no prisoners. They are short and sharp blasts of violence, aggression and precision.  Eight songs across just over 30 minutes means this is an album that wastes no time and simply means to tear the listener to shreds such as the opening duo of ‘Chemical Lobotomy’ and ‘Chainsaw Deathcult’ prove with both being absolutely savage bits of death thrashing madness. The intensity doesn’t let up at all throughout the rest of the album, although there are some variations of pace none of the power is lost, though the fastest songs are the strongest with ‘Screams Of Torment’ and the title track also proving to be highlights. The band are on absolute form with relentless riffs and finger bleeding solos from guitarist Tasos and the machine gun drumming from James Loh impressing as well as the rhythmic devastation from bassist Jordan Muscatello while the throat shredding vocals from Germ add to the intensity and insanity of the album.

The Bleeding seem to have taken the strongest elements of their previous releases and upped the ante on “Monokrator”.  Everything sounds tighter and more furious and it is easily their best work to date. The UK thrash and death metal scenes are both very healthy but “Monokrator” is definitely an adrenaline filled shot in the arm for both and very much worth a listen.

‘Chainsaw Deathcult’ Official Lyric Video

01. Chemical Lobotomy
02. Chainsaw Deathcult
03. Mutation Chamber
04. Union Of Horror
05. Screams Of Torment
06. On Wings Of Tribulation
07. Monokrator
08. Throes Of Repulsion

Tasos – guitars
Germ – vocals
James Loh – drums
Jordan Muscatello – bass


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