Withering Scorn – Prophets of Demise

Withering Scorn – Prophets of Demise
Release Date: 07/07/2023
Running Time: 40:23 
Review by: Chris Galea 

“Prophets Of Demise” has an interesting style, with music that dabbles in various Metal genres. But before I elaborate on that, it’s worth familiarizing oneself with the band.

Withering Scorn was formed in 2022 by the Drover brothers: Glen (guitars – Megadeth, King Diamond) and Shawn (drummer – Megadeth, Act Of Defiance). Joining them is vocalist Henning Basse, who boasts an extensive curriculum of bands, including Firewind, Brainstorm and Metalium. Completing the line-up is bassist Joe Dibiase, founding member of Fates Warning. With such a solid line-up, you’d expect Metal that is uncompromising, technical and powerful. And, surprise surprise, that’s exactly what you get.

At a glance the 8 songs that make up this album have lots of groove, pummelling riffs, dramatic vocals and electrifying guitar solos that spice all this up. Comparisons with Eidolon – the previous band of the Drover brothers – are inevitable. Both bands, for example, seem to place a strong emphasis on a compact rhythm section. Withering Scorn are perhaps more Progressive than Eidolon. And better produced.

‘The Vision’ manages to be dark and heavy without foregoing melody. ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ contains riffs that wouldn’t feel out of place within a Death Metal number. Songs such as ‘Dark Reflection’ and ‘Dethroned’ contain traits of both Thrash and Power Metal. With its introspective lyrics, ‘Eternal Screams’ starts off with a broody arpeggio and goes on to change tempo a few times via instrumental passages.

So there’s a lot going on here even though, paradoxically, the songwriting of each song has a rather repetitive formula. And while I’m wearing my grumpy hat, I felt that the lead vocals tend to be slightly hidden by the rest of the music. But nothing takes away from the fact that this is a very strong debut album. 

‘Prophets Of Demise’ Official Lyric Video: 

01. Prophets Of Demise
02. The Vision
03. Pick Up The Pieces
04. Ancient Desire
05. Dark Reflection
06. Dethroned
07. Never Again
08. Eternal Screams

Shawn Drover – Drums
Joe Dibiase – Bass
Glen Drover – Guitars
Henning Basse – Vocals


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