Bio-Cancer – Revengeance

Bio-Cancer – Revengeance
Hammerheart Records
Release Date: 01/09/2023
Running Time: 44:17
Review by Richard Oliver

“Revengeance” is the third album from Greek extreme thrashers Bio-Cancer and it is their first release for Hammerheart Records. Much like their previous two albums, this is thrash metal pushed to the edges of extremity within the subgenre with added speed, aggression and chaos but this is also a far more focused and mature sounding record, with the pandemic affording the band the time to really focus on the writing and compositions. There is a greater degree of melody used throughout the album in the riffing and solos while the technicality and musicianship has also taken a massive step up. The Bio-Cancer boys were already accomplished musicians performing thrash metal to startling levels of speed and aggression, everything just sounds more refined and polished this time around but without the band abandoning the identity already forged on “Ear Piercing Thrash” and “Tormenting The Innocent”.

This album has a greater degree of variation within the songwriting. Songs have a more melodic and technical edge such as ‘44 Days In Hell’ and ‘Dream Merchants’ which although melodic remain absolutely furious, sitting comfortably alongside all out raging thrashers such as ‘Citizen…Down!’ and the wonderfully titled ‘Bludgeoning Skullcrushing Mayhem’ while songs such as ‘Swiping Life Away’ and the fantastic title track manage to mix all these elements in fantastic style. Although there are more melodic elements than previous Bio-Cancer albums, they do not make their way into the vocals with frontman Lefteris unleashing his trademark shrieks and screams though sounding a bit more controlled this time around. The rest of the band are also on furious form with some amazing guitar work especially in the solos department while the rhythm section works overtime with drummer Tomek absolutely punishing his kit with a dizzying array of super-fast rhythms and blast-beats.

“Revengeance” is an album that was afforded more time and care to fine-tune and perfect and the results absolutely speak for themselves. This is easily the best album Bio-Cancer have done to date. I have mentioned that there is a greater use of melody in this album and while that word scares some metalheads it is definitely not at a cost to the intensity of the music.  This is still the same insane and extreme thrash that Bio-Cancer have become known for but with added layers.  This album will still rip your face off with cataclysmic intensity and is a truly excellent thrash release.

‘Citizen… Down!’ Official Video

01. Citizen…Down!
02. 44 Days In Hell
03. Footprints On My Back
04. Revengeance
05. Dream Merchants
06. Swiping Life Away
07. Underdog (Against The Odds)
08. Bludgeoning Skullcrushing Mayhem

Lefteris – Vocals
Thanasis Andreou – Guitars
Stavros – Guitars
Giannhs – Bass & Backing Vocals
Tomek S. – Drums


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