Nuclear Power Trio – Wet Ass Plutonium

Nuclear Power Trio – Wet Ass Plutonium
Metal Blade
Release Date: 28/07/2023
Running Time: 37:03
Review by Chris Galea

Sometimes personal life and temperamental technology mean that reviews take a while to see the light of day – as happened with this album’s review. Nevertheless this particular release still deserves Ever Metal’s scrutiny. Read on to find out why….

Nuclear Power Trio (NPT) is an instrumental trio of musicians whose identities are hidden behind mock-up masks of 3 of the world’s most evil people: Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. The band members refuse to take life too seriously, it would seem. This is ironic because their music is seriously good.

“Wet Ass Plutonium” is NPT’s debut album and contains music that is technically complex and yet accessible and enjoyable. And this is a very rare quality of music in general. Within these 9 tracks there’s Funk, guitar shred legato reminiscent of Joe Satriani, insane bass lines and so much more. ‘Nyetflix And Chill’ has trumpets in it and is danceable despite its labyrinthine technique. ‘¡Vamos, Brandito!’ has a Flamenco flavour to it. ‘Critical Bass Theory’ uses synths and contains mellow moments as well as some incredibly expressive bass lines. And whatever genre the trio happens to borrow from, there’s always lots of melody within arm’s reach – this is in part due to the excellent production of Dave Otero (Archspire, Cephalic Carnage, Satan’s Host).

Besides the aforementioned trio, several guests drop by to enrich the music: Chris Broderick (In Flames, Megadeth), BenEllis (Scar Symmetry), Brian Hopp (Cephalic Carnage), and Scott Carstairs (Fallujah). 

The last few years has seen a spike in bands that use comedy to sell their image (Nanowar Of Steel, Alestorm, Steel Panther, Psychostick, Sack Trick, etc) but if that bothers you just ignore the zaniness of Nuclear Power Trio because the music still stands firm on its own two feet. In all good conscience I cannot justify any rating lower than full marks.

‘Nyetflix And Chill’ Official Video

01. W.A.P. (Wet Ass Plutonium)
02. Apocalypse Mao
03. Nyetflix And Chill
04. Air Force Fun
05. Snark Side Of The Un
06. ¡Vamos, Brandito!
07. Anti-Saxxers (Mandatory Saxination)
08. Critical Bass Theory
09. Red Scare Bear Stare

Donny – guitar
Vladi P – bass
Kenny – drums


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