Municipal Waste, Gel, Undeath – Live in London

Municipal Waste, Gel, Undeath
Islington Assembly Hall, London
Review and Live Photography by Chris Galea

The thing with Thrash is that today you get many brilliantly-produced albums with fine musicianship but I often feel that the music seems to have lost its angst, carefree attitude and sense of fun. Despite that, I never lost my penchant for Thrash so I decided to investigate the London date off Municipal Waste’s latest tour.

But I’m getting ahead of myself because Municipal Waste had a couple of accomplices tasked with stirring up the aural insanity, starting with a band from New York….


Undeath inhabit no-man’s land at the intersection of Thrash, Death and Hardcore. The music I heard was vile and crude, like something Hell might regurgitate if it had a hangover. What I’m trying to say is that Undeath put on a great show and the audience wasted no time in reciprocating the violence. I was right in front of the stage gazing at a sign which invoked the prohibition of crowd-surfing when my view was rudely obstructed by…erm…a crowdsurfer.

So yeah, the band was intense and brimming with energy. Alexander Jones, the band’s singer, mentioned something about a brand new album that the band will be releasing next year. But, being unfamiliar with the band’s repertoire, I’m not entirely sure if they showcased the album in tonight’s set. In any case, judging from the crowd’s reaction it seems fans are ready to embrace that release.


Gel were a positive surprise for me. Punk and Hardcore are not two music genres I listen to on a regular basis but Gel’s spin on those genres won me over straight away. Vocalist Sami Kaiser kept jogging back and forth in front of drummer Alex Salter and taking an unblurred photo of her was nigh on impossible. Which is of course a very good sign. Indeed Gel’s performance was fun and exciting. Definitely a band to watch out for.

But the fun and excitement was yet to go off the scale…..

Municipal Waste

Any possible misgivings about Municipal Waste were obliterated from the get go. The band’s performance in a packed venue was one huge, insane and sweat-drenched party with endless moshpits/circle pits. A year ago Municipal Waste toured England opening for Anthrax but tonight they showed that they don’t need to rest on the shoulders of giants any more.

Delivered with an I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude, the band’s music was tight and chock-a-block of headbanging riffs. Imagine, if you can, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax and S.O.D. rolled into one ball and thrown at the audience repeatedly….song after song. The band/crowd rapport was magical and lead vocalist Tony Foresta made sure to keep the crowd entertained.

Their material is far from innovative but an enjoyable time was definitely had. Don’t miss Municipal Waste if they visit your area – their live shows are amazing.




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