Dissimulator – Lower Form Resistance

Dissimulator – Lower Form Resistance
20 Buck Spin
Release Date: 26/01/2024

Running Time: 41:34
Review by Metalphysicist

Welcome to Morgöth Monolithic Lands, a parallel world where you are welcome to breathe sour sulphuric air during an acid and green thunderstorm, and then you end up trip swimming gracefully into the planet’s rivers filled with lead-contaminated water!

I think that some of you might connect to Margöth, a place that can be summarised below by his own creator as:

“A multiverse in your head/ Ahead a time warp to the death/forgotten in space and always moving/Voïvod lives, forever it will, remains in your brain/As long as you live to the next you will give.” 

(taken from Voïvod’s ‘Morgöth Tales’ – 2023) 

That’s where Dissimulator cohabits with the Voïvod character among other Canadians crazy as f*ck bands that practises outer space noisy music disposed on intricate drum signatures, a waterfall of unpredictable riffs, awesome guitar solos and so on, as senseless as it goes.

Let’s get things clear right at the beginning of this review: NO, Dissimulator’s intentions are not to ‘sound like VoïVod’ – that’d be pointless, anyway. If a band is able to play a Voïvod song, they surely have the skills to compose their own songs. That being said, what we have here is Dissimulator songs on “Lower From Resistance”, dialoguing with that kind of sonority that came above planet Earth in a time when both bands had conjured with strange interplanetary creatures. Between 1984 and 1989. I guess.

If you folks are thinking that I am going completely nuts, after all, well, that’s because you haven’t heard Dissimulator’s debut album, “Lower Form Resistance” yet. So, shall I try to explain to you through simple words to make it easier for you to understand what’s going on in my head (phones) while listening to those lurid razor sharp riffs and bomb bass drum attack – with a bit of progressive landscapes with sci-fi samples here and there.

The best I can do is to psychograph Dissimulator’s envisioning on such songs like ‘Automobil & Robotoil’. Tormentous blast beats coming out of everywhere and brutal Gore singing that catches the listener from their guts to the mouth, delivering the poor listener’s damaged brain to be crushed by tireless heavy distorted guitar conductions. ‘Cybermorphism/Mainframe’. Funeral Melody in the introduction that switches to Death Metal guitar riffs which lends itself to steadying your step beyond the Milky Way. Whilst you hold yourself hanging tight on to the guitar solos and fingering patterns, before finally pushing us right away to the music’s hypnotical and endless martial march tempo.

That is what occurred to me to tell you about my time spent on travelling to the other dimension listening to Dissimulator songs. My best advice for the ones, who also plans to take a ride to Morgöth to find out what Dissimulator’s “Lower Form Resistance” is all about, you’d better press the injection bottom next to your seat as fast as you can, right when the second song begins and then close your eyes and let yourself drift away to these parallel worlds’ enigmas. Otherwise, you will experience a real ‘bad trip’ for sure. 

01. Neutral Hack
02. Warped
03. Outer Phase
04. Automoil & Robotoil
05. Cybermorphism / Mainframe
06. Hyperline Underflow
07. Lower Form Resistance


Claude Leduc – Guitars & Vocals
Antoine Daigneault – bass
Philippe Boucher – drums


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