Andralls – Live Against

Andralls – Live Against
Voice Music
Release Date: 26/02/24
Running Time: 51:35
Review by Victor Augusto

Live albums! How I love them and how they scare me at the same time. I remember the first that made me addicted to this kind of album, because it was a way to imagine my favourite bands playing when it was impossible to see them in person, especially in Brazil. Sadly, the live album releases that I’ve been hearing during the last few years were bad in terms of the quality of the capitation. It is quite weird for me, considering all the technology we have nowadays when we compare it to live releases from the eighties or nineties. Luckly, Andralls offers content that really represents what the band really are. 

If you don’t know this Brazilian Thrash Metal band, they have been on the road for two decades and this live spirit is really felt even on their studio albums where the three members create a very straightforward kind of Thrash Metal. This record was made in a concert back in the last year and my first relief came with the first song when I heard that pure, organic live sound. Maybe it could be considered a bit raw nowadays, but for me it is ok.

The energy that emanates from these three guys makes us feel like we were present in this concert, at least for someone like me that has been following them for a long time. It is also a way to navigate through the entire band’s career, considering they played at least one song from all their albums, including ‘Enemy Within’, from the “Breakneck” album (2012) when the band had Cleber Orsioli on Vocals. 

As I mentioned about the band goes direct to the point, it happens at the beginning of the album with a short introduction, then the ‘We Are the Only Ones’, that also opens their last album, appears full of killer riffs by Alex Coelho and the best drum rhythmics changes from Alexandre Brito. By the way, it is really impressive how Alex plays so many good riffs/solos and he also sings. The bass support is done by the master Andre Mellado, who is one of the best bass players in Brazil.

My only point of complaint is exactly about the bass. I had a bit of trouble listening to Andre’s bass. I wish it could be not so hidden on most of the parts, considering there is only one guitar playing here.  Those who have already had the chance to see Andre on stage know how hard and strong he plays his bass. Even when he is playing in bands with two guitarists, like Woslom, his bass is very present. Probably it was a matter of the recording live process or capitation. Despite that, the quality of the live performance is still amazing. 

“Live Against” looks like a musical documentary of the band’s history and there is no better way to offer Andralls spirit like in a live performance which really represents their career. A band that was born to play! Even the album cover refers to the band’s name*. If you had the chance to see them live, you will feel that this energy from this live album is even more powerful.

* The Vocalist Alex Coelho explained on the band’s EMQ’s that “The name Andralls came from an idea of a friend who was going to our rehearsals, and one day he said to us that we were playing like fire and suggested to put the name ANDRALLS, which is a building that caught fire in São Paulo in 1973.”

Andralls – We Are the Only Ones (Live) –

01. We Are the Only Ones
02. Two Sides
03. Unexpected / Fear Is My Ally
04. Beyond the Chaos
05. Rotten Money
06. Misery Screams
07. Thrash Blood Mine
08. Andralls on Fire Part II,  
09. Desire to Glorify
10. Cocaine
11. The Shade of the Darkness
12. So Many Gods
13. Back from Nowhere
14. Enemy Within
15. Andralls on Fire

Alex Coelho – Vocals, Guitars
Alexandre Brito – Drums
Andre Mellado – Bass


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