Coffin Storm – Arcana Rising

Coffin Storm – Arcana Rising
Peaceville Records
Release Date: 29/03/24
Running Time: 44:54
Review by Richard Oliver

Coffin Storm is a union of three legendary metal musicians from the Kolbotn region of Norway which is south of Oslo.  The three members which makes up this heavy metal power trio are Apollyon (of Aura Noir), Bestial Tormentor (of Infernö) and Fenriz (of Darkthrone).  Apollyon and Bestial Tormentor had previously worked together in the doom metal band Lamented Souls but in their downtime from their primary bands they teamed up once again finding themselves writing music in a doom, thrash and traditional heavy metal style.  Fenriz heard what they had come up with and thoroughly approved and so the question was popped if he would do vocals thus completing the trio and the result is the debut album “Arcana Rising”.

“Arcana Rising” is a love letter from the trio to traditional heavy metal, classic doom metal and old school thrash metal with the music on the album incorporating elements from the three.  There is the classic metal gallop and use of melody, the crunchy mid-paced thrash riffing and the lumbering menacing doom sound all mixing together in unison, as can be heard in tunes such as the crunchy ‘Open The Gallows’ which has a main riff that absolutely demands headbanging, the trad and speed metal attack of ‘Ceaseless Abandon’ with its killer solo section and the classic doom glory of the title track which was a song originally written by Apollyon and Bestial Tormentor over twenty years ago.  The vocals from Fenriz are in that old school metal style sitting somewhere between a classic doom and old school thrash style though I can definitely hear influence from the mighty Mark Shelton of Manilla Road in the vocal styling.  Where this album really delivers is the riffs which are delivered in spadefuls by both Apollyon and Bestial Tormentor and their understanding of proper heavy metal really comes across in these collection of truly killer riffs. 

“Arcana Rising” is made up of six songs across nearly 45 minutes and one criticism that could be levelled at the album is that the songs are generally a little bit too long and could be trimmed down a bit but it really is a minor criticism.  It is an album that garners more appreciation the more you listen to the album and with each subsequent listen the more those riffs will bore their way through your skull.  This is a lesson in old school metal glory done by three excellent musicians whose love for traditional metal shines through.


01. Over Frozen Moors
02. Arcana Rising
03. Open The Gallows
04. Eighty-Five And Seven Miles
05. Ceaseless Abandon
06. Clockwork Cult


Fenriz – Vocals
Bestial Tormentor – Guitars & Bass
Apollyon – Guitars & Drums


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