Arena Lounge BRB – Brasília, Brazil
Live Review by Victor Augusto

It is not the first time I am reviewing a concert, knowing that it is probably the last time I’m having the chance to see them. I confess that I don’t like when it happens, especially by all history that I have (as a fan) with the Brazilian legends of Sepultura. If you had the chance to read my review of “SepulQuarta” album in 2021, here at Ever Metal, you know my extended history of love for them, especially for everything they had fought since “Against” album. 

Yes! My admiration and respect for the band is mainly for how strong and persistent they were to rebuild the band until they reach the high level we have been seeing from “Machine Messiah” until now. 

As you all probably know, the line-up came with an important chance after the sudden leaving of the drummer Eloy Casagrande and it brought a weird feeling that they could have ended this last chapter in a better way, but that’s not for me to talk about. The important thing is that young American drummer Greyson Nekrutman did a superb job considering the short time he had to learn all songs that are not easy to play. By the way, I’ve been checking his videos after this concert and his evolution in a short space of time is really impressive.

The first and the most important detail about Greyson. He didn’t make any mistakes! At least I didn’t notice any. He offers a good punch and a cool jazzy rhythm in some parts. Maybe you are going to miss some extreme drum fills, but I believe he will change it for the future concerts, considering this tour will extend for more than one year and it was just his third show with Sepultura. I really wish I could see them one more time, after a year of touring, to check how killer Greyson will be playing!

About the concert itself. I went to the place to have fun on the last chance to see one of my favourite bands in the world. I was lucky enough to see them before on the “Roorback” or “Dante XXI” tour but hearing songs like ‘False’ and ‘Mindwar’ again was something that I really enjoyed.  The setlist offered many B-sides and tracks from albums that didn’t receive the proper attention they deserved when they were released.  Even classic albums like “Roots” had a few songs that were not so often played by the band like ‘Spit’ and ‘Dusted’.

Maybe for a kind of tour like that, which joins the most loyal fans together with the ones that haven’t followed the band’s entire career, it is impossible to make all of them happy, but to my surprise, it looked like most of the people really loved it. The reaction was impressive.

The stage was very beautiful, surrounded by screams where we could see live images from the band mixed with animated videos. I enjoyed the Brazilian flag with the Sepultura logo on these screens alongside ‘ Ratamahatta’ and the compilation of newspaper front pages talking about Sepultura over the years along a few tracks. It was a beautiful way to honour all ages from the band that were important for their career.

 It is not new for me how tight Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green and Paulo Xisto are on stage. The last time I saw them was in 2017 during the “Machine Messiah” tour and I remember to feel that they were on another level compared to the concerts I’ve watched before. This time was the same. Andreas is pure passion on stage with his guitar and Paulo is very free on stage too. Derrick’s presence is incredible too, not only as a musician, but also by his energy.

My only complaint is the place chosen for the concert. I had a chance to go to different concerts there. It is a soccer stadium in the capital of Brazil, popularly called as Mané Garrincha Stadium (named in honour to a great Brazilian soccer player) but it was completely rebuilt to receive the 2014 World Cup and it became so huge that initially it was renamed to Monumental Stadium. Considering it is a soccer stadium, we can’t expect the perfect acoustics there for live concerts. 

The arena inside this stadium, where Sepultura played, is even worse for music. It is located under the grandstand and it is sustained by a giant structure and pillars made of pure concrete. These pillars make the place incredibly beautiful in the same way that it makes the sound terrible. The sound became a bit confusing and not so loud, because turning up the volume could make everything worse. Greyson’s drum sound was the hardest to hear by all reverberations even knowing that it was not the band’s fault. It is a good place with enough space to receive thousands of fans, but for sport events, not for concerts.

Despite that, it was a night to celebrate 40 years of a band which is so important for us (Brazilians) and also for an entire Heavy Metal Community. Again, I do admire everything the band created, but my huge admiration for them is how they do with Derrick when many people doubted them. This persistence and perseverance are inspiring.

If I must find words to finish this review, probably “Thanks Sepultura! We’re gonna miss you”. 


Intro: Polícia (titãs song)/Chaos B.C.

01. Refuse Resist
02. Territory
03. Slave New World 
04. Phantom Self
05. Dusted
06. Attitude
07. Kairos
08. Means to an End
09. Cut-Throat
10. Guardians of the Earth
11. Mind War
12. False
13. Choke
14. Escape to the Void
15. Kaiowas
16. Sepulnation
17. Biotech is Godzilla 
18. Agony of Defeat 
19. Troops of Doom 
20. Arise


21. Ratamahatta
22. Roots Bloody Roots



Venue – Arena Lounge BRB

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