Devil Moon Risen – Fissures of Men

Devil Moon Risen – Fissures of Men
Release date: 06/06/2024
Running time: 36:00
Review by Alun Jones 

Ready for something a little different? Something born from the familiar, but tantalisingly different? Then step right this way, Platinum Al has a musical odyssey that will intrigue you. We’re talking about the debut album from Devil Moon Risen, a trio out of Phoenix, Arizona, and it’s all kinds of unexpected.

We’re starting in the realm of Desert Rock, but Devil Moon Risen have added some spice to their chimichanga with elements of Punk, Sludge and Doom Metal. So, off we go with a thuddingly heavy, groovy chugger in ‘Bad Sketch of a Killer’ that twists into a creepy waltz and back again.

Like Primus playing QOTSA songs on an album produced by the late great Steve Albini, the songs feature unpredictable, powerful bass and thrashing guitars. It doesn’t always quite gel, ‘The Rim’ is more of a challenge to get into, but ‘Fissures of Men’ is always surprising and brave. 

When everything falls into place though, the results are superb, as with the full-on rock-out distorted delight that is ‘Shaun Powell’. Elsewhere, there’s more Frankenstein-like craziness such as ‘D.T.T.B.O.W.T.B.’, which launches like later era Danzig before offering some more laid-back grooves, then morphing to a Black Metal wail.

“Fissures of Men” is a journey and then some: Devil Moon Risen have taken the obvious starting point and run off in a totally different direction (or three). Whether it’s Noise Rock or some as yet uncharted genre of music, the album is sometimes demanding and always unpredictable. If – or when – you’re ready, “Fissures of Men” could be just the education you need.

01. Bad Sketch of a Killer
02. Russian Man
03. The Rim
04. Conscious Spring
05. Mungo Gringo
06. Rabbit Hole (A Q-Anon Tail)
07. Shaun Powell
08. The Crick Cycle
09. D.T.T.B.O.W.T.B


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