Submission Guidelines for Artists, Labels and PR Firms.

As an independent underground music magazine, everything we do here at Ever Metal is driven by a deep and passionate lifelong love of the music first and foremost. Sadly, the reality is that this is not a paid gig for any of us, and one that has to sit alongside real life. That means we cannot hope to cover everything that we would like to… We will always do our best, but to make things easier, here are a few guidelines around the kind of content we can currently cover.

How to Submit

  • Please send submissions to us at
  • Please don’t be offended if we don’t reply, as we get hundreds of emails every day and there simply is not the labour available to reply to them all.
  • If the guidelines are ignored, then we definitely are not going to have the time!
  • Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that it will all get picked up and published, as sadly we get far more submissions than we can possibly review, but we try!

Albums & EP’s

  • Yes please!
  • The process we operate is to add all upcoming releases to a central list which the team can select from.
  • We do our best, but the reality is right now we don’t have enough capacity to cover everything we get sent (and no, sending it eight times won’t make any difference!)
  • We can cover Album and EP releases, however we are looking to review and publish ahead of release date, so please don’t be offended if items sent after release date don’t get listed.
  • The earlier they get submitted, the more chance they have of getting picked up by a member of staff.
  • The team all much prefer submissions with an MP3/WAV download link if possible, as streaming versions can be problematic on devices other than PC’s and Mac’s.
  • I know some content providers are reluctant to share actual files, but when you have a team of unpaid volunteer writers you cannot force them to review material that inconveniences them – so they will tend to ignore these and focus on items with downloadable content, because that is their only reward for all their hard work..
  • Equally sending items for review hours before release date is not going to help, as the team need notice to plan their work and last minute releases simply will not get added to the list.


  • At the moment we have not got the bandwidth to include singles, although we hope to change this in the future.


  • At the moment we have not got the bandwidth to include News postings.

Live Requests

  • We love gigs and would love to cover wherever possible.
  • The reality of geography means currently we are focussing on UK shows (we can usually cover Wales, the South West, the Midlands, the North West and some London events).
  • Ideally we would require a separate Press and Photo pass.

Interview Requests

  • For interview requests, we have our EMQ questionnaire, a copy of which can be sent on request.
  • Please ask acts to populate and send this back along with any photos, artwork and band logos
  • Our readership give positive feedback on the more humorous ones.

We also have limited capacity for audio and video interviews, which is something we would like to scale up in the future.